A Message From Kristi~

Kristi Kirkland Answer MarketingIt is my belief in trying to always be a part of the solution instead of the problem is key to any successful endeavor, and through my company Answer Marketing, it is my pleasure to have been able to help more professionals be a part of more solutions!  We offer real information, actionable advice, technique training, business growth support and positive motivation to all business professionals out there who are striving to carve their own place in our world.

In this place, it is okay to say I enjoy working hard, grabbing for what inspires you, and to be able to show joy in the gifts of your mind and hands.

I do not expect others to have my drive.
I’M on a path of my own choosing and making.
What’s right for me isn’t always possible for others. 
We can still be great friends!

It is my sincerest hope that you find a kindred spirit in our connection and a true value.
Thanks for your connection, it’s positively perfect and appreciated!

– Kristi

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