Side Step

Taking steps of personal and professional growth into ‘unknown’ territory can be daunting. Even more than that taking a sidestep and making changes that for most at first glance appear to be a step in failure is one of the hardest actions for even the most seasoned of pros.

Recently I gave an educational moment and shared a few of my favorite life hacks and one of these hinged around the heart pain that happens when we do not take actions needed out of a sense of pride or misplaced vision.

When you make a decision to release something you desire in order to regroup, add more training, gain more knowledge, or take any one of a thousand actions that will ultimately get you back on the path you desire but with more momentum – you are not failing – YOU ARE BRAVE – you are a pillar of strength to be reckoned with!

This is NOT a step backward this is a side step of boldness.

That is… as long as you only sidestep until you can once again make forward progress if the end goal is still your true mission in life. Let me say that again, as long as the end goal is still YOUR true mission in life.

We all grow, change, evolve during our lifespan it is a beautiful thing to witness others in my circle growing and becoming whom they were meant to be. It is hardly ever an easy process. There is one more great thought out of all of this that I want to leave you with today… ready?

”When I was a child I wanted to be a fireman, now that I am grown I want to inspire the fire in others.”


When you are a child you play-act roles, this process is the start of how we find our life calling. It doesn’t end when we are an adult. Society breads the thought process that if you get in one role and it doesn’t quite fit you stick to it, because you do not want to be seen to fail, so you keep at it… Sound familiar?

Just because you become an adult it doesn’t mean you stop trying new things. If as a child you acted like a fireman one day and the next a doctor were you told to go back to playing a fireman by your parents – your friends? No, you were encouraged to keep playing.

So, keep playing at this game of life. Try new things and never hesitate to let things go that no longer feed your soul fire. Last note to those with loved ones that are taking one of these sidesteps even if they have taken a dozen or more. Encourage them, stand up for them, let them know how proud you are that they are taking action. Just imagine what all you could accomplish if you were not afraid to sidestep or go in a completely different direction because you had an army of amazing support behind you cheering you on…

Be Great – Be Bold – Challenge Yourself – Take a Sidestep Often – and Never hesitate to keep playing!