Recession Perspective

Perspective: No matter where you are working, making sure you have a great flow of customers is always a top priority, especially for small business owners. It’s a struggle literally every #entrepreneur in the workplace has faced at one time or another.

You are not alone, no one is immune from shifts and fluctuations in the economy. Our community and our country are not strangers to hard times, the Great Recession took place in 2008-2009, Gulf Oil Spill 2010, Hurricane Michael 2018 (just to name a few). And each time it takes years for the economy to recover.

It is during times like this when many businesses wonder how they’ll be able to make ends meet and now we are facing the fall out of the COVID-19 pandemic. It makes some of us wonder what else will get thrown our way when all we want to do is carve out a good life.

Top five tips on changing behaviors

Take a deep breath and look at what you can do, what you can add, and what needs to be changed. Entrepreneurs pull audibles in business all the time – this is no different!

Business Mindset

For a moment try taking a different look at the current situation – needs do not really change for many. People still have plumbing issues that come up because they’re unpredictable. They will still need their A/C’s fixed, still need clothes, food, and basic products/services to keep moving forward. Even vehicle repairs or legal issues are still a problem even during times of recession or crisis.

As more people are spending time at home, they are spending more time on their phones and computers (I did a few social media posts/articles on this). Marketing your company now is the perfect way to set your company up for success in the future.

True entrepreneurs see setbacks as a challenge, not a roadblock. K.A.Kirkland

Today, if you did not start yesterday is the right time to get your game plan in action. Those that do not wait for things to resume back to a state of norm before acting will be set up in the front of the line of businesses seeing a faster return to success as well as a lower dip in the current times.


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