5 Top Tips for Crisis Business Survival

It is here, that movie plot coming to life.  You know the one we all watched like, ‘The Andromeda Strain‘ (1971) & ‘ or ‘Outbreak‘ (1995) and played the, “what if?” game bouncing ideas off each other. Each one of those ‘what ifs’ became more and more fanciful right?

It is a little different those ‘what ifs’ now, right? Are you trying to remember what you said you would or could do if it happened? Or are you still in a state of shock or denial?  Well, snap out of it! Turn the news off for a second and take a deep breath.  No one is coming to rescue your business (and if they do – bonus!) it is and has always been up to you to make it happen.

So, yes here we are – quarantined and protecting toilet paper more than our jewelry.  It is past time to make things happen if you have been running around like chicken little.  It is, after all, the reason we got into business in the first place, right?! In order to make decisions, to take steps when needed, as needed, without asking permission or waiting on some imposed red tape…  So let’s make some!

First, you need to reconnect with everyone in your business sphere. (I’m hoping you have kept great relationships so that this step is a smooth one). This includes your employees, subcontractors, customers, prospects, basically all the people that have been included in your business plan.  Nothing has changed with this step they are still as important now as they ever were.  Plan a connection event (virtual) and invite them all.  Why? You want to have a brainstorming session that is mutually beneficial. It will include discussing a forward momentum plan and it will work because you are going to ask:

  • (Clients) What do you need?FYT
  • (Employees/Contractors) How can we get it to them?
  • (Clients) How much, how often, what is best for you? How would you like to receive it?
  • (Professional Connections) How can you help with this endeavor? What can you bring to add value?
  • (Suppliers) Can you make this happen? How can we help?
  • (Everyone) What else is needed? How can we work together to make it happen?

Get it? Nothing has changed. People still have needs and you can still provide, right? Yes, we may need to get creative, but that’s what having a professional tribe around you is for.  No one said just because you have a business you have to go it alone. People in general desire to help others and if you have surrounded yourself with great people then reach out to them and get some ideas cooking!

Be a beastTime to get your head out of the sand and review your original 2020 plans.  I am hopeful you did not toss them out thinking all is lost?  Ask yourself what parts were blown up? What is still on track or can get back on track with minimal effort?  What parts are salvageable that you can implement right now?

Thirdly, back to the drawing board. You need to write out a minimum of three mini-plans for adapting what you originally planned to do in 2020 and what you can now do.  Bring together your key team players and if you are a solo-entrepreneur GREAT! Reach out to people you need to make it happen (reflect back on step one). Now, make a 30, 60, 90-day action plan remember new game new rules.  We are not planning for a year because we need to be ready to pull an audible if in 30-days a wrench is tossed into the mix. Break down your initial 30-day plan into actionable steps and accountability. It is time for movement!

“Movement is Life”! World War Z

Movement_is_lifeYes, I am sharing a quote from a viral outbreak movie! LOL! There is a lot to be learned from it. Gerry Lane, the United Nations investigator played by Brad Pitt, says it in Spanish: “Movimiento es vida.” Lane’s quest is to find a solution. Your quest is the same!

Remember, (#4) in the midst of chaos, there is always an opportunity for those that seek it. It is very simple if you can step up your game you will not only survive you can thrive in this new era.  So, what if the world hit a reset button and people are running around like the aforementioned ‘Chicken Little‘.  You just need to stop, drop and roll your way out of the bad situation.  Dust off projects your company never activated because you, “Didn’t have the time” and frankly think outside the proverbial box – you got this!

action-pngAnd finally, action! Yes, just like the movies except it is real-life here folks.  You need to execute the plan and unlike before up your meetings so that you can change course as needed in a moment’s notice.  Just for the love of Pete, do not have a meeting for the sake of a meeting. They should be short, well thought out, you should adhere strictly to an agenda, and there should always be an action associated with them.  Keep everyone included going forward, as they all have a role to play, and making sure they know they are an important part of the process will increase your chances of success.

Let’s Do This!