The Truth About Success…

It’s not what you think… Or what you’ve been told. Daily and I mean daily we get asked:

Teach me what you know…

What is the key to success?

Can you help me be better?

Can you make my company #1?

It’s not sexy, but it is a simple concept.
It’s not free, and I’m not talking about money.
It’s 100% possible, but it will not happen over-night!

You can get involved in all the professional groups available, join all the self-help programs, listen to all the continuing educational programs, sign up for all the get connected—get thin—get smarter—get rich opportunities around…

But, if YOU are not willing, ready, passionate, self-motivated it is not going to happen.
Your WHY has to be powerful and it has to be YOURS!

Only when that vital piece is in play will your path be one of success.  It is a fact programs will work for everyone that get 100% involved in them AND see them thru to the end – meaning, NO QUITTING!

When you hear from someone, “That diet plan didn’t work for me or it’s in my DNA to be overweight” – that is what we in layman’s terms call an, ‘Excuse”.

When you hear someone say, “I signed up for the building successful habits in less than a 90 days program, but it didn’t work for me.” again, EXCUSE

When someone says something is not working for them – it is ALWAYS followed by a lame EXCUSE.

The reason diet, exercise, continuing education, self-help improvement, and business success programs work for some and not for others is ALL in the effort, dedication, level of completion, and passion put into their actions.

Again, it is only YOU who can give YOU success in your efforts and it is not for any other reason that you succeed or fail except YOU

People look around at the entrepreneur that has a yacht and other outward signs of success and when they study up on what that person did to succeed they will find that those people that have what they want:

  • Read daily, take self-help courses, and journal
  • Wake early, set action goals, never procrastinate
  • Have put in the hours, days, weeks, months, years of dedicated work (no over-night successes here)
  • Stay focused on their path, surround themselves with motivation
  • Are selective with the company they keep, have a mentor or two
  • Practice relaxation, personal care, positive attitude and frugality
  • Keep a positive attitude, do not make excuses, listen and learn
  • Stay organized, pay attention to details, practice gratitude
  • Never Give Up, no matter the level of difficulty or roadblocks
  • Study those that are accomplished and instead of being jealous they emulate them

If you want to succeed in anything, accomplish a goal, achieve a new level – here’s the not so sexy truth, ONLY YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. Here’s the even less sexy truth, only YOU are to blame if it doesn’t happen. Not your heritage, your finances, your skills, your DNA, your support, the program you selected, the weather, or your ability. Because there are amputees running races, blind people reading and writing books – even painting!

So what was your EXCUSE again?

Yes, you need to surround yourself with things to help you like a mentor, positive people, an accountability partner, motivational activities, continuing education courses and more!  But, if you do not have the right mindset meaning whatever it is you are trying for has to be something that wakes you up in the morning, fills you with excitement thinking about accomplishing it, and makes you cry thinking about not achieving it… then, it’s going to take you longer and you are going to struggle harder than anyone else trying to do the same thing.

Ultimately, your success or failure is up to you and you alone. So, what do you really want in life? Health, Love, Career, Adventure, Family, Fame?

Then, go out and get it you are the only one keeping you from it!