On The Surface

In keeping things real, does not mean we will not overcome! We are a strong people, generous, and resilient! Our community will rebuild and in this process become A-Mazing!
But, just because we are #850Strong, #PanhandleStrong does not mean we are okay yet!
On The SurfaceYes, on the surface it seems to the rest of the world that we are recovering quickly with more help than we can use.
But, underneath the surface, we still have people living in homes missing half the roof or blown out walls, no power, no resources easy to reach as transportation is down, our local and trusted contractors are stretched thin and putting their needs behind the communities needs, patience is at an all-time low, communication is still in ruins using burner phones as a temporary patch, we have been invaded by companies and individuals overcharging – forcing AOB’s on our community – tricking the unknowledgeable and our elderly – taking payments and leaving, we have non-locals slandering our local companies to make themselves look like the hero to the rescue, and so much more I could write a book and not scratch the surface of what our community is dealing with.
Please, be patient with our local businesses that are dealing with their own post-Hurricane Michael pains. Please, use caution and do not take slander at face value – see it for what it is – vultures preying on our community.
Please, hold tight and love one another we will prevail and come back in an awe-inspiring wave of glory.
Please, PLEASE, remember the local companies our community is recommending is fighting right alongside you in the trenches with their own pains and trying to get to each of you as quickly as possible.
These are not normal times, missing an appointment is not something we need to immediately be angered by. Traffic is still horrible and destruction is greater than anticipated in most cases. Breathe, dig deep for that ever elusive patience and reach out to them with a little kindness and understanding in your voice.
I know it is hard – it is hard for ‘all’ of us but TOGETHER with LOVE and UNDERSTANDING for our new neighbors and friends we will rise up to the meaning of Panhandle Strong.
Here for you,
~Kristi Kirkland