Neuromarketing top 3 tips

I love using #Neuromarketing techniques in my business. It has literally changed outcomes during a sales meeting, strategic planning session, and increased productivity for both for personal and professional activities.

My first tip has to do with increasing your sales with neuromarketing and hound dogs… Hmm…

What are hounds known for? (Their scent ability)
So now you might be asking what is neuromarketing and what does it have to do with increasing my sales?
I have been using neuromarketing for probably 15yrs. It is when done properly it will increase your sales by a minimum of 25% and in some cases where it was not previously used able to increase your sales by 300%!
Neuromarketing is the art of marketing by using as many senses as possible.
Hence the reference to Hound dogs.
Ask yourself:
  • When you are uncomfortable do you linger and buy more? No
  • When you feel rushed do you settle for less than you came to get? Yes
  • When you smell an offensive scent can you focus on your task at hand? No
  • If you go to a restaurant or bar and the table was sticky, or the seats stained… do you linger for dessert & more conversation? No, even if the waitress cleans off the table it is already stuck in your memory and effects your responses going forward.
Answer Marketing teaching sense based marketing
So our senses play a major role in our buying patterns & a smart and savvy business owner will use all the tools & tricks in their power to influence buyers.
Who can guess what is the best scent to use in the majority of situations? (Orange)
But, if you are wanting your client to feel wealthy & have positive images of prosperity you should add to the orange some cinnamon, ginger, patchouli, myrrh & sandalwood.
If you want them to relax add lavender & lemon.
If you want to boost the productivity of your staff add peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon, lemon & Jasmine to the orange.
Smell is the most powerful and emotional of all the senses. By using scent, brands are able to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level, resulting in a more memorable experience.
Scent can attract new customers, increase sales, heighten value perception, and expand brand recognition and customer satisfaction.

My next tip in neuromarketing has to do with Mother Nature & McDonald’s

Can anyone guess what the focus will be on?
This will tie into neuromarketing & how colors affect our behavior
First, if you want to improve your efficiency and focus in the workspace think Mother Nature – your environment should include greens & blues. These two colors also lend an overall sense of wellbeing. Bottom line is if you want or you want your staff happier, and more efficient green and blue should be your color palette.
So what about McDonald’s? Did you know seeing the colors of red & yellow together stimulates appetite? So there’s more to those golden arches after all!
If you want to stimulate the brain the color orange which is a combination of the energy of red & the happiness of yellow can actually increase oxygen to the brain by its effects on your body. 
Use darker versions of these colors are best for use in your marketing messages if you are in the financial world.
Red is the color of power use it to grab attention but sparingly
Blue if you want to be viewed as trustworthy
Yellow is also a powerful color but also the most dangerous if used wrong. It states confidence in your abilities & demands attention
Green is the most versatile but in the right lighting. It is warm, inviting, and creates thoughts of wealth
Orange is energy plus it’s traditionally a fun color making customers feel like they are dealing with a cutting-edge company
Purple is the color of royalty & when used correctly lends a touch of elegance  & prestige to your marketing materials
Brown is a comfort & relaxing color but needs to be used in conjunction with blue & greens or it tends to project a feeling of being poor
Black is a complementary color accenting & adding drama to the colors it is around
So the takeaway on my second tip is color matters greatly! So use colors correctly for the environment you are trying to create & let them help you deliver your message better!

My third tip in using neuromarketing has to do with elevators, ambiance, and speed walking in your marketing strategies!

So what common denominator do these three things have?

Sound plays another big part in using neuromarketing in your advertising strategies.
Just as selecting the right colors and scents, music or sound has an effect on how we behave, feel, react, and YES buy!
Consider an obvious situation you are wanting to start going to a gym but lack a tremendous amount of motivation. You walk into a comfortable cool gym and smell and invigorating citrus and cedar scent and hear Dierks Bentley, I wanna make you close your eyes playing in the background…
Your touch & scent senses may not be enough to keep your legs pumping & your heart rate up…
So same scenario You walk into a comfortable cool gym and smell and invigorating citrus and cedar scent and hear a beat that even if John Byrne  (Funeral Director) was laying you to rest you’d get up & make movement happen.
Now that’s an obvious situation but not applicable to every situation. In a shopping retail environment selecting music of varying beats that are easy to sing along or hum along to will keep your patrons in your store longer.
But, while songs with words work in a retail environment an office environment needs music in the background that is lower in volume but doesn’t have words so basically acoustic only. Why??
You want happy enjoyable sounds but our minds need to stay on task & hearing words causes us to divert our attention to what is being said causing us to be less productive.
So choose your environment settings wisely using the tips I have shared in this blog on scent, color, and sound for positively increasing the results you are after.

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