Top 3 Communication Success Tips

When we communicate with people therein lies the heart of our success or failure. It is probably the most important skill in life we need. It is also one of the things in sales I am most passionate about. Here are my top three communication success tips, I hope they help you!

My 1st tip is to become a chameleon –

Answer Marketing Blog on CommunicationWhat I mean by this is that we all have our own unique personality that makes us who we are,  a chameleon is a lizard but when on a tree becomes a branch – in looks.

When we speak to each other we are still who we are but if we can just adapt we will open a whole new level of communication. For example, if I am outgoing & boisterous, but speaking to a quiet & reflective person I cannot speak in my normal mannerisms or I’ll dominate the conversation.
Instead, I become a chameleon and adapt my mannerisms and tone to complement-match the personality of the person I am speaking to. 
This does a couple things the most important is it puts the person at ease, they feel I can relate and in turn understand their needs.
Secondly, by mimicking their mannerisms and tone, I am more focused on them & not myself. 

My 2nd communication tip – comes from Greek mythology 

Become a Muse. In Greek mythology there were Nine Muses, they were Greek goddesses who ruled over the arts and sciences and offered inspiration in those subjects. 
When we are involved in a conversation it is not our job to dominate the conversation but instead to become the tie that binds the conversation. When we listen in such a way that we hear more than what is being said, by watching body language, really hearing the words and understanding that in every conversation there is the opportunity to be an inspiration or solve a problem as 95% of people when they talk just want to be heard – we can become the proverbial Muse they need.

My 3rd tip on communication has to do with a Greek Nymph

You may be asking what does becoming a master of communication have to do with a Greek Nymph? The particular Greek Nymph I am talking about is Ekho, and it has to do with becoming an echo.
Meaning to listen with the intention of hearing. 
Ekho in communication tipEKHO (Echo) was a nymph of Mount Kithairon (Cithaeron). The goddess Hera cursed her with just an echo for a voice as punishment for distracting her from the affairs of Zeus with her endless chatter. Not a great thing to happen to someone but, we can learn from this by adapting the communication skill set called echoing. 
It is where we repeat to a certain degree what is being said so that we cement in our mind what the conversation is about as well as to clarify the conversation.
For example: If someone were introducing themselves to me saying, “Hi, my name is Paul I am with Acme Paint and Supply.”
I would respond like Ekho or in echo fashion saying, “Hello Paul, I am Kristi with Answer Marketing, tell me a little about Acme Paint and Supply.”
I have echoed both his name and his company – this does three things.
  • One it creates a memory in my mind so I am less likely to forget his name and company by repeating it out loud. 
  • Secondly, if we were at a noisy event repeating them would make sure I heard them right giving Paul a chance to correct me if I repeated it wrong.
  • And Third most importantly – is in repeating his name it releases positive flow endorphins as it is a fact to our ears our name spoken by someone else makes us very happy. 
I hope you have enjoyed all three of my favorite success tips for communication and that each of us can begin to channel our inner Chameleon, Muse and Ekho’s!  

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