Social Media Sharing Cautions

#SocialMediaTip: While the entire purpose of social media is to be well… Social! There are a few things you should use caution when sharing.
FB privacy settingsFirst, know your sharing tools and use appropriately. Your default setting should be for friends only, meaning they need to be connected to you to see your content. That is unless you are a public personality and the majority of your posts are of the sharable quality you can default your setting to public.
We all enjoy having fun with social media, answering silly questions, enjoying a good blooper video, or a heartfelt song belted out. But, know that details we sometimes share that seem benign can actually be used to hack our accounts.
So think twice before answering a seemingly innocent question like:
Husband and Wife Week! If you are still proud to be married to your Spouse. Copy & Paste with the year you all got married. 1992 💕 #Anniversary
If you use your anniversary year for a bank verification Q&A or as a pin# for your debit card. Sharing this information along with other vital details just makes it easier for hackers. They are constantly searching the internet for information like this, your birth year, middle names, nicknames, favorite sports team, first born birth month, places you have lived and more. Everything adds to the data they need to access our private accounts and lives. [We also recommend using a service such as LastPass for helping secure your online account accesses] 
Am I trying to scare you from using Social Media? Not at all! I love all the amazing benefits it brings, sharing happy moments with families from across the world, inspirational memes, joys, laughter, and sorrows of our humanity, reaching customers you might never have met that need your help, and so much more.
Enjoy all the amazing things Social Media has to offer, just use it smartly, be in the know, and learn about your privacy settings so you can share responsibly. When it comes to posting things like spouse appreciation week – leave the year off. We can celebrate just as much without it. 💕
Want to know more? Check out our S.M.A.R.T. Team group at

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