It is not for me…

We hear this all the time when talking to business professionals that need more clients, jobs, visibility, and marketing. “I do not do social media”, “It is not for me”, “I need to work, I have no time to ‘play’ online”… 

If this is your attitude you may need to start preparing to close the doors. Can you grow a business without online marketing, sure you can. The question you need to ask yourself is, how much longer will it take? Will it be enough? Can you grow to the point of profitability and retirement potential without it? Will it be easy to build a business if you are not online and over 90% of consumers find their next purchase online first… I hope you understand that last one was rhetorical? 

98% of consumers are social media users and figures are high even among 55-64s (94%). An average of 2 hours and 15 minutes per day is spent on social networks and messaging – a figure that continues to increase across the markets tracked. Still, think it is not for you or your business? 

Engagement with FB statsSocial Media has an important role in purchase journeys over half of digital consumers are following brands and social networks are the top product research channel among 16-24s.  Facebook dominates the social landscape 90% are members of at least one of its four main services and Facebook itself can boast of having the most members.
YouTube takes top position for visitation/usage, while Instagram is now ahead of Twitter among 16-44s. 

Statista recorded new Twitter users grew by 43 million year over year in 2014, but only Expected online behaviors graphicby 9 million in 2016. On the other hand, new Instagram users increased by 150 million year over year in 2014 and has since successfully grown by 100 million new users each year. Facebook ranked second in a December 2017 survey of senior ad buyers in the US as the platform to drive the most ROI. Google Search was named No. 1.

While these social media statistics might not be shocking, it does show how the landscape of the industry drastically changes in a just a few years. Social Media is changing the way consumers shop and how brands are being found. What we have found is that the majority of professionals that are still holding out or not using Social Media to its fullest potential is because of a lack of understanding. 

Just one of our staff members can create hundreds of posts a week, overseeing 10-15 social media sites and responding to every consumer connection within moments. This is along with other traditional job responsibilities such as answering the phone, email management, client meetings, and yes they take a full lunch and go home for the day before the sun sets. So knowing you need it and saying you have no time to do it just means you need to get better systems in place. 

Business owners and entrepreneurs can no longer afford to ignore being seen in locations that buyers prefer to shop on or at the very least do their research on before making purchases. If you still think it is not for you, we wish you well… If you are one of the intellectuals that realize it is where you need to be but do not know where to start or how to maintain it, we invite you to connect with us! We have online professional training programs design for the busy entrepreneur as well as many other services to help you succeed. 

**Portions of the content gathered from Statista, SproutSocial, & GlobalWebIndex data.