Truth of Motivational Quotes

How many of you enjoy reading a great motivational quote? Does it inspire you, get you to think, reignite you or provide driving directions?
How long does it last after you read a motivational quote? 
We see them everywhere if they were as powerful as we would hope they could be, none of us would ever lose our motivation or drive because they are literally everywhere. 
My father used to say anyone can read the Bible but unless you study it, you won’t understand it or be able to apply the concepts to change your life. 
I feel that this is the same with motivational quotes their lasting impact isn’t very long unless we take a moment to study what we are reading and apply it to our life at that moment.
More than that is to create an actionable task from the energy that we derive from it.
For example:Actionable quotes
Do something today that your future self will thank you for!
When you see this are you inspired? Empowered? Motivated? Yes! Will it last or do anything of value other than getting your blood pumping? No, not unless you turn it into something of value. 
So write down something you can do today that your future self will thank you for! Now put a time frame on it – when will you do it, how will you do it, can you do it alone or will you need help? 
One Small Positive Thought in The Morning Can Change Your Whole Day!
What about this one? You read it and think ‘yes’, that is true. But, unless you act on creating a reminder to actually start reading every morning something positive this quote is just another motivation drop in the bucket or quotes. 
If you can wake up every morning loving what you do AND inspire others around you to be better than they were yesterday, then you know you are doing something right, not only in business but in life!
Try this one. Read it and stretch yourself to find a way to make it actionable. It is great to be motivated but unless you make changes the quotes are just rolling words in a sea of many words.