Are You Really Totally Honest With Yourself?

              Not exactly an easy question to answer as many of us see ourselves through rose tinted glasses.  We all hope that we are that person that people can rely on, the person that people want to connect with, trust with our referrals and business, the type of person that would be missed, a great friend, a reliable professional connection, and a true benefit to our society. 

No one wants to think of themselves in an unflattering light. We even use filters on our social media pictures, crop out the curves, or use photoshop before posting. 

Results excusesBut, with all these features and excuses that we tell ourselves are we helping or hindering our personal and professional growth?

When we tell ourselves that the last time we went to help someone and it did not work out, that we did all we could, that we went above and beyond… Or did we let ego get in the way and fool ourselves into believing we rose to the occasion?

Who reading this is honestly brave enough to ask for a personal and professional evaluation from people we respect enough to tell us the truth?  Not asking those that we like to hang around with because they boost our egos and tell us what we want to hear, agree with our every decision good or bad… But, asking the ones that we look up to, that we respect for an unbiased – help me grow – I want to hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth – because, “I can handle it”.  Can you? If you heard that you had a personal or professional quirk that puts people off, would you take steps to change it or would you find a reason as to why you do it and excuse it?

Statistics show that only a measly 8% of people when hearing they have a flaw will acknowledge it on its own merits and take steps to change. So honestly ask yourself are you really ready to take the next growth step in your life and be a better version of you? Really? Are you one of the rare 8% that want to be all they can be? Ask yourself these questions:

1) When you help someone out do you expect anything in return? Or are you disappointed when they do not acknowledge your assistance?

2) Are you overly critical of your skills, values, abilities, appearance?

3) Do you seek out only those that see and acknowledge your value when looking to volunteer?

4) Do you get an emotional high from public congratulations and accolades?

5) Do you only seek out opportunities that you will excel in?

6) Have you ever felt you were owed acknowledgment?

7) When you often find that others are in the wrong do you have to correct them?

8) Do you avoid self-reflection seminars, thinking it is really for those that are struggling?   

If you answered yes, to any of these you might actually not be one of the 8% ready to grow and make changes to improve their life and the value you hold in society. 

Every day we have the opportunity to grow and become a better version of ourselves. The gift is in being honest enough with ourselves to put ego aside and see that we can all improve in many ways.

“Our true self-worth and value as a human are found in the deeds we do in silence, without thought or care for tribute.” K. Kirkland

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