To Know your WHY

“In teaching, we can better learn, in learning, we can better teach.” K. Kirkland
     At least that is the way the owner of Answer Marketing has always functioned. Yes, she has also heard the saying, ‘those who can’t – teach’ – but that is not the way she runs Answer Marketing. From day one of offering courses and teaching others to be their best in business, marketing, advertising, networking and more she continues to put into practice what she teaches.
     She did not offer advertising classes until she mastered several forms. She did not offer business-building until she had under her belt no less than three successful businesses built from the ground up. She did not offer training in social media until she had proven she could make it happen across a multitude of platforms. All of her training programs are skill sets that she continues to use on a daily basis. This is the secret to helping others and keeping her edge – doing what she teaches and always improving her knowledge to be better able to help others.
     When asked, why? Why, does she do what she does – why offer her knowledge so openly in such an affordable manner? Especially, when she could charge companies thousands to have her do it for them. When she sees others taking control of their dreams, growing their companies in ways they did not see possible, and their eyes light up with joy in their successes because of what she shared… well, there are no words to what that does to her heart and soul.

My legacy will be in the successes of those that have put their trust and faith in me and I could not be happier. From my children who are my hearts and absolutely spectacular values to our world, to my professional connections that absorb all I can teach them and run circles around the stars with it. To see their souls glow with such a beautiful proud light of accomplishment born from the knowledge they absorbed during my teachings – this is my ‘WHY’. ~Kristi Kirkland

     Kristi teaches others all the time how to better communicate their ‘WHY’ and she wanted to share her ‘WHY’ with you. Yes, she could make thousands doing the work and building companies for others or she can follow her calling to enable not just ten or twenty but thousands of amazing people who have the desire to be entrepreneurs of their dreams.
     If you have taken one of Kristi’s courses, joined one of her A-Team’s, participated in her S.M.A.R.T. team, read one of her blogs, listened to one of her online seminars, or heard her speak at an event – we humbly thank you! Your participation is what lights her fire, what drives her and what keeps her searching for more ways to add value to those that she surrounds herself with. You matter and you make a difference for all by your participation.

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