Hello Priority

Whew, it has been a while since I have written and while I profess to not the best at it, it certainly gives me pleasure when I am able to carve out time for it.

As with anything that you ‘have’ to do, enjoy doing or feel compelled to do – life has a way of interfering.  My company has recently bitten off a chunk of the American Dream and expanded past our initial county of business.  We have always enjoyed helping out fellow entrepreneurs and businesses in Bay County, FL but recently have found ourselves growing past those borders.

We are now in Okaloosa as well as Walton County and restarting one of our favorite groups we had to put on hold last year – The S.M.A.R.T. Team! Life is good in business and when one area of your life is good it stands to reason other areas occasionally get put on hold or neglected.  As I am extremely passionate about my family and have felt the negative effects that come from choosing business over them, that is one area I now make sure is not even included in the chopping block when things get busy.

What is left? Personal perks… The little things that give us pleasure, it is different for each one of us but things like a spa day, cloud watching, boat rides, mani-pedi’s, reading a book curled up in a fluffy blanket, fishing, hiking, bubble baths, enjoying the day at the museum… Whatever your cup of tea is in life when things start pulling you in different directions and you start feeling overwhelmed you have to say no to a few things. Just make sure you are really looking at what you are cutting and the long-term benefits or hazards that will come from cutting it.

Priorities – we hear it often when life is busy and everyone around you ‘needs’ things only you can provide that taking a proverbial spa day is selfish.  I argue that and say if you do not take care of yourself, recharge the batteries and make sure that you have a strong personal foundation in which to help others from you will ultimately not be any good for anyone.

We can only truly help others after we have put our house in order.  We do our best work for others when we are at peace within our souls.  Our generosity, our work productivity, our strength is magnified and more beneficial when it comes from a place of inner peace.

Think about when you were stressed and innately required to help a friend or family member because ‘it was the right thing to do’.  Did you derive a strong sense of satisfaction? Was what you did for them your very best or just enough to satisfy? When we have our personal foundation strengthened by recharging our batteries we can be our best, give our best and be better for it!

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