Standing out among thousands

If you have or you’re thinking about starting a business, you (hopefully) have an idea that will fill a void in the current marketplace. If not, then your entire strategy needs to be based on differentiation. You need to figure out how to stand out among the masses. This is not an easy task with every company out there telling the world they are the best, they are unique, they offer more value… and there you are offering the same services in the same industry making the same declarations.

Standing out in business, being unique, growing businesses, one in a million

It is time to set yourself apart from the masses and this requires you to have your own message that stands out in a big & unique way. When envisioning and establishing a business, focused on both short- and long-term goals. Your short-term goal may be to outgrow a local competitor’s annual gross sales. Then to eventually compete with multimillion-dollar giants, but first, you need to examine your strengths and their weaknesses.

Essentially, the path to success requires you to be world-class and unrivaled. What makes your business the best at what you do or offer? What can you do that other businesses in your industry can’t? Are you the only business in your niche consistently winning awards for your service, your products, your quality?  Are you the hands-down most affordable option, and if so, can you maintain the quality of product and service necessary to run wild? Are you guaranteeing a faster turn-around time than any other business can offer? Take a good long look again at your industry. What can you do to set yourself apart from that field of competition? Are you faster, more incentivized, smarter, more convenient, more affordable, or of higher quality? It’s time to find out. Specializing can be crucial to success.

Standing out

Your next step is to outshine your competition. Once you’ve gained knowledge about your competitors, put it to use. Create a more professional, user-friendly website. Be the go-to company in your industry on social media. By limiting their market appeal, you can increase your own. Your goal is to provide the most effective and efficient service or product from the start so customers recognize the quality of your company as well as its integrity. Basically, in a nutshell, use what they are doing well and not so well and ramp it up!

With millions of companies in every industry like real estate, insurance, HVAC, Financial Advisors, contractors, lawyers, marketers, electrical companies, Pest Control, Tech Companies, Pool Companies, Mortgage Lenders, Water Systems, and more one way to outshine it all about your story and how you tell it.  Your story should be evident on your social media platforms, in your branding and the way your staff represents you. Your story is vital!

Focus on customer service. Do this by assembling the best team possible. After all, your business is only as good as your employees — they’re the face of your company. Aim to create the best experience for your customers and do not compromise on the quality of your employees. Seek out intelligent and independent individuals who share your passion and vision and then invest in them. Continuing education, open communication, and team-building events are a great way to show you care about them.

Standing out in business

Set higher standards When describing why he is so successful, Michael Jordan once mentioned that his secret was to demand more from himself than anybody else would or ever will. Michael Jordan obviously sets higher standards for himself. Learn from this and challenge yourself and your staff to become the Michael Jordan’s in your industry.

Finally, and most importantly when trying to stand out is to cultivate strong word of mouth occurrences. You have to take care of your clients better than they expect or could hope for.  You do this by making them feel special and in doing this you gain valuable and dedicated customers. Once those customers understand the quality and reliability of your business, they will remain loyal — despite increased attention or competitors who might offer lower prices or more blatant promotions.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take your ‘one thing’ or more that makes you great, unique, and fabulous, and share it everywhere!