My Eulogy

If you have yet to experience loss of a loved you are the minority of the population.  If you have ever been very close to someone who has left this world this article will hopefully resonate with you.  We all I should think want to leave this world better than we found it and go out with a eulogy spoken about us that warms the hearts listening.

Recently I was blessed to hear a eulogy written by my Uncle for a great, great, great relative that when it was read I actually wished I had known her better.

Which brings me to write this article.  What will our eulogy say?  Will it speak of deeds done, kindness shown, adventures taken, friends and family cared for and a life well lived?  Or will it be one of a cut and paste nature that states the general terms of our life; children, spouse, parents and dates of our birth and death?

live-life-to-the-fullest-quotesI for one am hoping mine will tell a story of no regrets a story that speaks of a generous and giving nature.  To be frank I hope there is not a dry eye in the house and that hearts a filled with the warmth of knowing.  Now do not misunderstand I want my funeral to be a celebration of life and all that are there to feel the passion of life.

If you passed from this world today what would yours say?  Have you done all you wanted or are you at least headed in the right direction towards doing it all?  Are you holding back for fear of failure or are you grabbing life with both hands and being a blessing on this earth?

Having a father as a minister and friends who have served in positions of the church that have helped the families left behind, I am not a stranger to last words spoken.  Knowing that 99% – yes a very high percentage – of spoken last words from those departing and from those left behind are of regret.  Regrets for deeds left undone, travels never had, apologies never to have been given or accepted, time not being spent wisely and more.  Some regrets shared are deeply felt as if we were to leave this world today they could very well be spoken to our loved ones.

We have heard it before and perhaps even shared similar thoughts to friends and live-life-to-the-fullest-quotes-2-families that we ourselves want to live a life worth telling and in the end have no regrets taken with us.  So I ask you again, what will your eulogy say?  If it is not what you would want it to be right now, then what are you waiting for?  We can all recover from setbacks, failures, and risks taken to live a life worthy of a eulogy but in the end it will be too late if we do not chance it today for tomorrow may not come.

LIVE for every moment, LAUGH every day, and LOVE like there’s no tomorrow! Life is a precious gift to short to hold onto anything other than the positive and too wonderful for words to not make yours count so in the end, they sing songs of your glory.

If what would be said during the reading of your eulogy today is not what you would hope it to be… It is not too late to writing a new story.  Do something today to add value to your life and those around you.  Take risks, go on an adventure and most importantly be a blessing to others!   ~K.Kirkland