Doing Business Better

We have all experienced the good, bad and the ugly side of doing business.  We all know someone Business blogs Florida, B2B Florida, Media Marketing Panama City, Advertising Panama City Beachwho is always angry and doing business with them is not a lot of fun. If you are or have done business angry, ultimately it will cost you. Of course, we are all under a lot of pressure these days, but we need to deal with the issues that cause us to be angry as opposed to having a knee-jerk reaction to them. Yes, this is sometimes easier said than done but if your success really matters you will take the time to focus on this potential hazard and do business better.

You can always tell the true soul of a professional by the way they are when times are hard.  It is easy to be generous and good natured when the cards are stacked in your favor, but how we act when we are struggling is the true view into who we are. I’ve had sales people who are angry and dismissive because they aren’t getting sales, who then got angry with me because I wasn’t buying.  I’ve witnessed people increasing their quote, not because of standard rate increases but to make up for lost revenue. I’ve seen presenters in a bad mood telling off an audience. I’ve overheard staff venting about issues within earshot of clients. And of course, the list goes on.

Let’s be completely honest – we all get a big grumpy from time to time. And some people get downright angry.  When this happens they tend to take out their frustration on the wrong person. Instead of confronting the person or the situation that has made them angry (or even better, letting it go altogether) they tend to lash out at those around them who did nothing.  This is when bad decisions are made and ‘the real’ person comes out.  Know that once this side of some professionals is out of the bag it cannot easily be unseen, trust is broken, respect is lost and relationships are irrevocably damaged.

Business Training Florida, Staff training PCB Florida, B2B Services FloridaI remember talking to a service provider who said that she got so frustrated with slow paying clients that when she was invoicing she would get into a bad place mentally and charged for every second of time and then some. Change your policies and procedures, hold a credit card on file for minimum fees, charge up front, do whatever it takes but don’t take your anger and frustration out on those customers that do the right thing.

I think there are a couple of morals to be found in this article. The first is that if someone is making you angry in the daily course of doing business there are probably some significant issues that you should be asking yourself if that customer or relationship is worth having?

Secondly, if, for whatever reason you are getting frustrated by a behavior from some of your clients, you need to take stock as to how you are dealing or not dealing with it. Holding onto that negative feeling is most assuredly damaging your relationships and ability to help new clients. Find a way to remove the cause of the negativity before it hurts your business permanently.

Thirdly, if you behave negatively during tough times you will always struggle with achieving success. Get support as changing this behavior will not be easy and almost impossible alone. Surround yourself with professionals that have high standards of behavior no matter the situation and ask one to mentor you.  

Finally, if you really are finding yourself getting angrier in the day-to-day course of business, perhaps it’s time to step back and reflect a little to figure out what is really going on. You might not think anyone else has noticed your new behavior, but I guarantee that they have.

People don’t like doing business with angry people – if you don’t do something about it, ultimately you will pay the price.  It is time to do business better as clients are getting pickier and competition is on every corner ready to offer a better option if you fail.

There is a Better Way for Everything Find It… ~K.Kirkland