False Definitions

Answer Marketing, Media Advertising Florida, Business Services Florida, Professional Networking Florida, A-Team ProfessionalsFirst impressions aside we should try not to define people by their profession.  If you are truly interested in genuine connections taking the time to know someone deeper is the key.  Saying, “Oh he is a financial advisor” is a false definition and to me says you are not a connector if you cannot describe someone by more than their profession.

Having met many people that the impression they gave out was the total opposite of who they were I really enjoy getting to know the person before the profession.  Real connectors take the time to get to know someone regardless of their first impression as we understand we cannot know unless we take the time who someone is and who they may know that we should know.
As professionals, we can help give others the opportunity to see the real us by not introducing ourselves as our profession.

Hello, I’m Joe a ‘Realtor’ with Acme Real Estate… Joe is now defined as a Realtor.

Hello, I’m Joe glad to meet you. So tell me something in your life you really enjoy. Now, Joe is now defined as a connector an open slate of curiosity.  After the person, he’s connecting with finishes they are assuredly going to ask Joe what he does as a real conversation is now beginning.
Joe can now answer with, “I find and deliver deals that place a real key to a dream in the hands of others”.  A Realtor redefined. Saying what you do in any way other than the traditional way will keep people from ‘thinking’ they know what it is you do.  We are all more than what we do for a living.

I may be someone that deals in marketing & advertising. But I am also a mother, wife, gma, mentor, weekend warrior, hiker, artist….

Taking the time to really get to know your connections will not only help you become more successful personally & professionally it will also enrich your world.

So go enrich your world and discover the rest of the story for each of your connections!