Results Driven by Desire

It is difficult to know if programs have succeeded or failed if the expected results are not clearly articulated. An Success steps Business services Floridaexplicit definition of results— precisely what is to be achieved through the project or program and by when—keeps measurable objectives in sight, helps monitor progress toward those objectives, and assists with adjustment and management of program implementation.  This is also true for our daily expectations.  How are you to know if you succeeded or failed in your life pursuits or daily tasks if you do not clearly define what you hope to accomplish?

If you wake up in the morning and do nothing all day have you failed or succeeded? If you were wanting to complete another chapter in your book then you would have failed but if you planned on relaxing all day then you succeeded.  It is by our own set expectations and definition of results needed that determine our own success or failure not the definitions of the society around us.  We are each driven by something and it is up to us if we succeed or fail in fulfilling that ‘something’.

Not being able to speak for anyone but myself I can only hope it is success we are all striving for and in that pursuit I wish to share with you a guide to aid you in your pursuit. First you must know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses before setting a goal with steps of implementation.  If you are not strong at waking up early, speed reading or self-motivation – then setting your goal around a 6 am schedule that includes reading 4-5 new books a month on your own will more than likely set you up for failure. Instead, design your plan around an evening schedule with 2-3 books as an initial goal and ask someone able to motivate you to check in on your progress.

Success steps Business Solutions Florida Companies**The idea is to  set goals designed to challenge yourself to level up but not to make it so hard you guarantee failure.

**Design your plan using people, tools, techniques that will aid you in your success.

**End your day celebrating your accomplishments and list the things you need to add back into your next day tasks.

**Start each morning going over that list and remind yourself of what you are wanting to accomplish.

**Check back a few times each day with your list to keep yourself headed in the right direction.

**Give yourself permission to push lower priority items off and to say ‘no’ on occasion if it is not in line with your goals.

**Above all else your goal should excite you with the idea of accomplishing it or else you will not find the internal motivation required for total success.

The only thing left is when to start? How about right now? Do something right now that will help you take a step closer to your goal.  It is in you to succeed and you do not have to do it alone. Surround yourself with people who will push you higher and celebrate your accomplishments!