Balancing act take two

BalanceToday is going to be a balancing act.  Five minutes. It’s only a little bit of time. But it’s long enough for you to do one thing that could make your whole day better.  That’s a great return on your time investment!

Today you will try to keep all the events in your daily life in check.

Yet, it feels like you could topple over at any moment.  Will you be able to keep your life in balance today?  When things are off-balance, things feel out of control.  You feel like a hamster running in a wheel chasing tasks yet never seeming to get anywhere.

You don’t know which of your obligations could bring the whole day crashing down. It’s not a fun feeling.

“Keeping life in balance is key to getting your work done without the stress of things toppling over.”

We all have the same amount of time in our day.  And each of us has a limit to how much we can carry in our daily lives.  The keys are to keep things in check, know what you are carrying, and of course, keep things balanced.

Here are a few helpful tips to Keeping Your Daily Life In Balance:Balancing life blogs

Defend Your Time – You don’t let people steal your money, but you let them take your time all day long. Sometimes you will need to put yourself first. Know when to say “No.” Defend your time with vigor because you don’t get more time later.

Give Yourself Permission – Where will work end and life begin?  Today it is not always 9-5 work & the rest of your time left for home, our work and personal life blend and blend often.  It is in the knowing of this blend and allowances that if you take 2 hours for the kids during the day that it might work out better to recoup those 2 hours in the evening after they are asleep. But above all give yourself permission for these balancing acts.

Set Your Boundaries – To keep things in balance you need to have boundaries. This means each day list your priorities that absolutely have to be completed and block the needed time to make it happen.  Block time for family turning off technology and not allowing work to interfere.  Life happens but if you set boundaries you will find it interferes with your priorities a little less each month.

Make Timely Decisions – When you don’t make decisions, life backs up. Stress builds up. Make choices and move forward. A good decision now always beats a perfect decision later.

Protect Yourself from Overload – You can only carry so much. Without being kept in check, your obligation load will slowly grow until you don’t have enough time in your day. Make an obligation list and take inventory of your commitments. Only then will you know the true load you are carrying.

Know Your Priorities – Decisions are easier when you know your priorities. When you have to pick between two things you should know which one takes precedence. You know which obligation to put first, and which task to drop in favor of something else.

Life is a Balancing Act in all things~

Make sure you preserve balance in your daily life. When things are feeling off-center, it is time to stop and examine the load you are carrying.  Keeping things in balance feels good.  Balance is not something you find, it is something you create.  It requires diligence and a commitment to follow through with choices you make. Yes, it is easier said than done but if you do not try it will never happen and you will remain out of balance with yourself and life.