Make it last this year…

Make it last this year…
     Declaring your New Years resolutions a good thing?  Try instead of pledging to ask yourself the question.  Instead of saying, “I will exercise this year” ask yourself “Will you exercise this year?”  If the answer is yes, go for it!  Those who ask and answer instead of pledging will prompt a psychological response, which will influence later decisions according to behavioral studies conducted and published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.
     Yes, the New Year Resolution Season is upon us, and many of us are hoping that this will be the year that everything turns around in our favor.  Never mind that we also hoped this the last dozen or so New Years. Repeat after me: This year is THE year!  
     So how can we give ourselves the edge we need to make sure what happened last year to our failed resolutions does not happen this year?
     One of the reasons most will fail is that we do not put enough effort to allow our resolutions to succeed.  Things that are life changing like losing weight, improving a career, stop smoking or other behavior changes are not easy. They require new routines, new skill-sets, clearly defined goals, and a strong heart that is not afraid to fail.
     Tip: You cannot lump all your resolutions into the first month of the New Year.  Prioritize them starting with the one you are most passionate about.  If you decide to alter your world by changing, adding or removing multiple goals at one time you are setting yourself up for failure. So tackle one success at a time, remember this is the year!
     Ready? When starting your first resolution remember there are only so many hours in a day, so if your new goal requires an hour of exercise then you are going to have to sacrifice something in its place. Watch less Netflix for example. It is up to you what goes and what stays but if you are going to pursue your resolutions seriously you have to be realistic about your approach.
     A few other helpful tools you can put into place that will help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions (for real) this time are apps.  Take on one new app at a time so you can learn and implement it beneficially.  First, do you need to make a few decisions? ’Decision Buddy’ is an app that guides you through the decision-making process, streamlining everything and making sure you take the route that matters most to you!App for that
     Looking for specific apps for specific goals? Check out ‘Omni Focus’ if your goal is to be more organized. Or ‘OfferUp’ if your goal is to declutter your home.  Are you looking to distance yourself from the overwhelming amount of emails you receive? Well, clean up your inbox with ‘Unroll Me’ this app allows you to easily unsubscribe with the tap of a button.  How about adding some more travel in 2016 and even better for less! Sound good, check out ‘Hopper’ and make every flight the lowest airfares available.  The mind is a complicated system and adding meditation to your resolutions will go a long way to restoring balance while you ring in the success of a New Year.  And yes, there is an app for that as well ‘Meditation Studio’.
     Finally, after all that is said and done, you need to be kind to yourself. No one honest said this will be easy. There are days when you will succeed and others when you will fail. On the days you fail, see the opportunity to learn about what to do in the future rather than as a reason to give up. People really can succeed with their New Year’s resolutions. They just have to plReady set go1an ahead. The main idea here is you do not need to go it alone this year.  We are in the age of technology and more importantly people are building stronger connections so look around, create a plan, rope in a friend or two for accountability, ask the hard question “do I really want this?” and make this year THE YEAR!
~K. Kirkland

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