What will it take to improve?

positive-energy1Ending our 2015 year several of us will take a moment either by accident or on purpose to reflect on what the year has wrought.  We break out the business and personal planners with the intention to add value to 2016.  Over 90% of these intentions will never see fruition whether from procrastination, bad planning, not enough actionable items or one of a thousand other road blocks that life brings. 

So why do we even try? Mainly because the spirit of Christmas is upon us and media from all angles is driving us to create resolutions so we get swept up in the energy of it all.  Did your reflections tell you that this coming year you will see great rewards because you were among the 10% that followed thru with your intentions? 

Growth must be intentional—nobody improves by accident… 

I feel very comfortable with giving advice in this area mainly due to being one of the 10% as I can track back over ten years of annual growth usually higher than I planned for.  One thing I will tell you it is not easy – nothing we do that is worth acknowledging was ever easy.  So if you are looking for the easy, get rich quick, or vastly improve anything by taking the purple pill you will end up in with the 90 percentile of people.

Real growth is a choice. Novelist Leo Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

So start with the question if things did not grow as big as you wanted, “How have you changed…lately?”  If it did not work in 2015, 2014, 2013… consider you may need some major interior revamping.  Napoleon Hill said, “It’s not what you are going to do, but it’s what you are doing NOW that counts.” Many people that do not see improvement have the “someday sickness” because they put things off until they have enough connections, time, money, resources, education or other imagined need. 

Growth – real growth is not automatic it is intentional.  What you do (positive action) right now will provide the building block for a better tomorrow. 

Growth is your responsibility NOT the responsibility of those around you.

The first step is to chuck that improvement hindering PRIDE.  It didn’t happen so what do you have to be prideful about? Those that reach out and say I need help and am ready to improve on myself will see higher rewards that anyone in the past.  This is because the world is ready and busting at the seams to explode dreams into reality if you are really ready and open to first changing yourself.  

Next step is to write down what you wanted to happen in 2015; what worked and what did not work. If we do not learn from our mistakes we will never improve or succeed. 

Now write out ‘realistically’ what you want to happen personally and professionally in 2016. This will need to be on display not tucked away to look at if something works and ignore if you feel things getting to hard. Along with this list, you need to find an accountability partner, not someone who will let you slide on your goals. 

Lastly but not finally, you need to reverse engineer the entire year with actionable items required to fulfill your goals for 2016. I say not finally due to the many steps that need to happen on a regular basis like; motivation, evaluation, adaptation, reward and get it in gear check ups. If you really and I mean with all your being want to make 2016 a year like no other then I highly recommend partnering or hiring a consultant. One that has a proven track record of taking people personally and professionally to new heights of success. 

There really is not a one-size fits all consultant, just like there is not a purple pill to make you trim or the Midas touch in a store bought CD.  Look for someone that specialises in what you need, that has a proven track record of helping others AS WELL as themselves.  (Small soap box moment) Do not offer to help grow a company if you cannot or have not grown your own! Or teach others how to grow a successful team if you have never led a successful team before… That is all – soap box closed. 

There you have it, what it will take to improve…well, at least, a start as this is supposed to be a blog, not a book. Good luck and bring on the New Year – Starting NOW!