The Elephant has left the building

In business when the elephant leaves the building, you have basically forgotten to take care fundamentals that in the mission-statementbeginning made you great.  Have you heard the phrase, Hot and Ready? Of course, you have as it has been around for a while but when you go in it is not always that way… Business mission statements, company visions, mottos, declarations, corporate purpose or proclamation of value will lose its impact if it is not an active habit of the whole team.

Fundamentals they are what makes us GREAT and for a select few power players like Michael Jordan the fundamentals are a natural habit. For the rest of us we have to ‘make’ it a part of our routine, remind ourselves often, hire a business coach to provide a random kick or go to workshops designed to motivate us back into step. Fact is undeniable without active fundamentals we fail.

“The minute you get away from fundamentals – whether it’s proper technique, work ethic or mental preparation – the bottom can fall out of your game, your schoolwork, your job, whatever you’re doing.” ~Michael Jordan

Jobs mission statementLet’s look at it from another perspective.  What was once a high priority when we ‘get busy’ has a tendency to get dropped even though we are still working hard.  When business fails or slacks off it is to the fundamentals you should be looking for revitalization.  Too often we hear blame placed on the economy, staff, politics, competition, and many other benign factors as to why business is dropping.  When you were successful I can guarantee several if not all those factors you blame now where happening around you, the difference was you were not just saying – you were doing what made you great.

If you started off your trip to success by hand writing thank you cards, acting upon client anniversaries, always being cheerful, following up on everything, providing not just saying you have the best services then look to see what is just a statement and no longer an action.  We get comfortable in saying what once was true when we need to stop and reflect for a moment and really look to see if we are still providing what we say we are.

We need to make sure we are still being GREAT in action not just in our written vision statement.  So do not forget your fundamentals – keep your elephant happy!