When the honeymoon of life dulls…

Student of lifeLife is filled with so many possibilities that to think about them all would surely overwhelm us.  Exciting is the word that comes to mind especially when we first join a new group, date someone new, start a new job, begin a new hobby, take a vacation, go on an adventure, learn a new skill…

There is an air of optimism and a feeling of elation when we start something new.  This can wear off for some quicker than others.  We hear all the time at the start of something new a testimonial filled with nothing but positive praise.  Our shiny object has merit and we are excited to share it with others.

The key is to keep the newness alive! Infuse our daily activities with action that keep our shiny object from gathering dust.  When we first started whatever it is there was no more or less substance/ability for success and excitement but not cultivating it, keeping it fresh, active and exciting is where it falls apart.

How many of you started a project with excitement and sometime in the near future you either got bored or distracted and the excitement started to fade? 

It takes work to keep a new element in your life fresh as the day you started it.  As with a relationship in work and life there is a period of dating, dining, wooing, certifying it and a honeymoon period.  All steps especially after the honeymoon there is ‘work’ required to keep it exciting.  This is true of all things!

Rest when you are weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work. ~Ralph Marston

Things that were once important to you make sure to do something each day to keep them fresh and successful.  If you have lost focus, just sit down and be still. Take a look at the situation you may need to keep some of it or throw some away and it will keep it from gathering dust.  Sometimes it takes the art of renewing our perspective. What we become familiar with can become dull if we do not shake it up once in a while.  Take time to recollect what was once a shiny object, remember what pleasure you received from it, recall the joy and rewards, there is opportunity for us to renew things that in the beginning excited us as it is still there we have just let it dull with age by not taking care of it.  

grass-is-greener-where-you-water-itThe concept of the grass is greener is a fallacy it is not any greener than where we are now.  Our grass was very green when we first received it but over time without the care we gave it when it was fresh and new it will dull and fade.  Being flighty going from shiny object to shiny object does not lend the reward of cultivating what we already have right in front of us.  With the proper care (work) the grass will not only remain green we will gain the satisfaction of a job well done.  This grass is green because of what I did.  There is a strong feeling of immense pleasure that comes from taking care of something successfully that others covet your green acres.  

Moral – do not let the honeymoon on life end be creative and cultivate what matters with intentional action and the grass you are standing on will never dull.  If it has dulled look to yourself and what you stopped doing…