Rock Your Network!

There are networkers and then there are Rock Star Networkers—the difference is in the intentions, dedication, drive and desire to be great or just mediocre.

To take the cure as to what ails you in your business is by taking a deep look at your activities and the honest effort placed in them.  You can have fifty professionals attending the same event, same time, same resources and only 5% ill come out of it with value.  Want to be in the 5%?

Yes? Then let’s get started!rock-star3

Your progress first and foremost is all up to you, not the team – your staff – your friends – or your network it is YOU that will make the motion towards success or not.

I am going to share a few well-known tips and techniques and yes they are known again the difference is in who acts on them and who waits for someone else to do the work.

  1. Never stop recruiting new customers and partners (circle of influences) – be intentional and have a tracking process set up so that you make sure to include everyone you connect with. (No Short Cuts)
  2. Reach out to no less than five people per day; whether it is follow-ups, new prospects, cold calls, or network connections.
  3. Know your odds and may they ever be in your favor! If it takes you reaching out to five for one new client and you need thirty new each month – then you need to connect with no less than 150 connections each month! (Real connections – not just soliciting for business)
  4. Never quit – it is a sign of weakness no matter who you are. I did not say stay in a rut I only said do not quit.  You can always make adjustments but more times than I can count when someone quit something success was right at their fingertips! If there is one thing I know as a fact about success is that it begins with a decision to be successful, a commitment to see it through, and quitters never prosper.
  5. Think like a CEO – Treat whatever you are a part of as a business and it will pay like a business; treat it like a hobby or part-time job and it will pay like one.RockstarAtWork
  6. Make an honest connection FIRST before trying to gain a customer. If you solve a need by listening you will sell without having to beg.
  7. Take care of your team! Build a team of rock stars around you and TAKE CARE OF THEM! A team that understands talking about the professionals in their circle of influence will gain them more business than bragging about their own skill set.
  8. Know your story – your why and be able to tell it not sell it.
  9. Daily action activity is required that gets you closer to your goals. Do not waste time or stress over the things you did not get to that do not help you achieve success.
  10. Attitude – one of the most important things I could ever share with you. Your attitude determines your success or failure.  If you think you can not you are right, if you think you can guess what you are RIGHT.  Enter a room with a success attitude and clients will gravitate towards you!

So be intentional in everything you do! Make the decision to be successful, be relentless, and commit through action doing whatever it takes.