Are YOU Coachable?

Are YOU Coachable?  This is probably one of the most important questions we could ever ask ourselves.  To have the mindset that knowledge is power and the knowledge that we will never ‘know’ it all is a powerful place to start.  I remember several years ago looking at my income wondering if I would make it.  Fast forward to now taking what I am passionate about and not only making a living at it but supporting other families with it. But, it does not stop there.

So what makes it work for some but not for others?  If you want my opinion from traveling a successful road, it is student-of-lifecoachable controlled ego.  Notice I did not say lack of ego instead I used the word control as the verb.

I have asked many – many CEO’s, Presidents, Coaches, Leaders and when asked what is the must-have quality of anyone they work with and while several descriptive words are used one continues to dominate the conversation, “Being Coachable is a must-have quality.”  Because no matter what level they arrive at being coachable guarantees they will level up on a regular basis.  Funny thing is the top level executives – ‘Power Players’ are also themselves described as coachable.  They will tell you they are always looking for ways to improve and learn, even while others are describing them as the ultimate authority in their field!

This is where the ‘controlled’ ego comes into play, these amazing power players do not need to continually boast about themselves their awesomeness is evident in their actions, not their words

So how do you know if you are coachable?

  1. Are you open to change? Especially if the change needed was not your idea?  Knowledge that you do not have ALL the answers and have a healthy level of respect for others that share their knowledge is clue one. “You must always be the apprentice, even when you become the master.” ~Christopher Cumby
  2. Are you an ‘active’ listener? Making intentional eye contact with the people around you in a conversation, rather than being easily distracted, disinterested or even defensive is clue number two.  The Teacher will appear when the student is ready to learn.
  3. Are you always improving? Not just by practicing what comes easy, but taking on new skills, challenges and concepts to see if you can build a better mouse trap.  If you are not willing to learn No one can help you. If you are determined to learn No one can stop you. 
  4. Do you manage your emotions well? Coachable people are NOT the ones’ who throw their arms up in the air when being corrected.  They are open to opinions whether they take it to heart or not. “It is supposed to be hard. If it was not hard, Everyone would do it.  The Hard… is what makes it great.” ~A League of their own 
  5. Do you go rogue often?  Coachable people follow the rules, instructions and do not display selfishness during key moments.  This is not saying to be coachable you are not one to take the path less trodden or follow blindly.  Instead, it is that you are considered a valuable part of the team not prone to hogging the spotlight or accepting the glory independently.  Work Hard in Silence. Let Success Make the Noise.
  6. Are you arrogant or confident? Yes, there is a huge difference that is evident in many personalities you will encounter.  The arrogant and competitive showboaters are usually masking a deficiency.  The confident person will acknowledge responsibility for a positive outcome giving credit to the team and at the same time not making excuses if the outcome is not favorable. “Arrogance is used by the weak while kindness is used by the strong.” ~Hans F Hansen
  7. Do you have a balanced competitive nature? Having fun and enjoying the game while giving it your all? Or do your emotions get the better of you affecting the mood of the group adversely? “It is not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.” ~Bear Bryant

Student of lifeMy inner circle will be filled with amazing people who are all coachable not because I prefer to be the smartest one in the room. On the contrary, it is because they exceed intelligence and have seen the light.  This inner circle is where ‘It Happens’ because jealousy and arrogance are not welcome.  Be a student of life like most clichés, this is profound to those that understand it.  You can be shaped or you can be left behind.  To always be learning, to be coachable, to be a sponge of life, especially from those that are themselves students of life will open your world to possibilities like no other. ~Kristi Kirkland

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