Marketers Have It Wrong

Most Marketers have it wrong: Forget engagement, customers want simplicity!SIMPLICITY-LEONARDODAVINCI-QuoteArt

In our world where companies are fighting for space and attention, many marketers are asking themselves a key question: What is the best way to impact the market to create a purchase decision and consumer loyalty?  The answer should you be brave enough to ask is that every business that wants exposure cannot afford to ignore social media. But, in using social media they have to remember key components that have in the past made their other marketing efforts a success. Simple—Honest—Straightforward—Valuable—Engagement. 

It is not called ‘Social’ without a reason.  If you walked up to a client on the street would you immediately overwhelm them with words, technical babble, products, services and general content? No, you would hopefully connect with them on a personal level and offer them something of value to seal the connection.

Consumers are not for the most part on social media because they have nothing better to do with their time.  They are on there to find entertainment—answers—solutions to their problems and the company that does it quicker, more appealing and with better benefits will gain a new consumer.

Loyalty is fickle on social media if you are not continually entertaining, providing benefits and solutions to their needs they will move onto the next shiny company. Yes, for a few consumers who grew up in the era of diehard loyalty they will hang in there longer than most but on social media you are trying to market to the masses, not just a few and at the same time you need to make the masses feel like they are your only concern.

Tricky?  Not so much if you know what you are doing and know your consumers well.  Get in the minds of the consumer and answer:

  • Who are they
  • Where are they
  • What are their needs
  • How do I solve those needs best
  • What makes my company unique
  • What do I offer that will get them to keep coming back
  • How can I leverage existing consumer base so they talk about my value 

The IBM Institute for Business Value found 60-65% of business leaders who believe that consumers follow their brands on social media sites because they want to be a part of a community.  Only 25% of consumers agree.  The top reason consumers follow a brand is to get discounts. Yes, you still want to try and engage but your primary focus for being on social media is to solve a need and provide a value in a visually and quick manner.

people-are-like-musicJust remember when engaging with your audience do not fall into what most marketers do, try to hard to engage with their consumers, pushing their idea of what the consumer wants. Most also give way to much information trying to be helpful when it is only causing people to over think purchase decisions and making them more likely to change their minds about a product, be less confident in their choice and less likely to remain loyal to your brand.

Instead, you should simplify the dicision-making process, so much so that the consumers actually think less about the decision. Marketers can do that in three easy ways:

  • Build Trust: by providing recommendations by current consumers through ratings and reviews
  • Remove distractions: simplify the research process (be easy to find!) offer clear visually appealing brand-specific product information targeted to each decision stage
  • Build Need: Transparent offers showcasing their solution and a value if purchased sooner rather than later

Is there more to it than that – well of course.  But, with the above guidelines set into motion you should start seeing improved engagment and an increase in revenues.