Every day we are bombarded by thousands upon thousands of marketing hits; radio, billboards, posters, telemarketers, emails, internet, Social-Media-Treepostcards, tv media, sidewalk promoters, feather banners, on our receipts, smartphone ads and more… It is literally everywhere.

And therein lies the problem. We are overwhelmed by everything to the point that we have become numb to what is around us. We are missing opportunities because of the overwhelming amount of ‘connections’ that are coming our way. How many of you receive more than 20 emails in a day, 50, 100, 500?  No one has the time to read them all unless that is their only job.  So what do we do? Most of us delete – delete – delete quickly viewing for emails that we need to direct attention at. Problem with that is we are going to more than likely miss an opportunity.

It is the same with seeing but not really seeing all the other advertising mediums in our vicinity.  We are trying to make progress in our day towards success and so we gloss over what is right in front of us missing the offer we were looking for yesterday.  Think about the last time someone (unsolicited) walked in wanting a moment of your time.  “I am too busy” is what races across your thoughts or “Grief, another blind-leading-the-blindsales person” before we know what it is they are offering or even giving we sum it up in our minds because we are focused on our own agenda.

So if we are so numb to possible opportunities how are we to expect anyone to be any different?  Time honored saying, “You cannot expect to get what you are not willing to give“.  This is where the title comes into play, “Faster – Funnier“. In order to break through the madness and reach your customers there are a few things you have to do, get, be, and remember!

  • Think TWEET – your message has to be short and to the point. Unless you are writing a novel the shorter the better (and frankly I love reading ‘SHORT’ novels). If time is our most precious commodity then your respect of their time will get you in front of more open doors.
  • Do not be Mundane… No one wants to be sold to by their professor.  (I have the utmost respect for professors – refrain from defending them it is not necessary)
  • Express your Passion – nothing sells better than when we can buy into excitement and that comes from a place of expressed passion.
  • Fast, Faster, Fastest – in order to break the drone cycle you have to get in ‘WOW’ them and get out.  I like to say, “Leave them wanting more” and do not overstay your welcome.
  • Plot your course – The only way to do that is to know like the back of your hand exactly what you want to achieve and the shortest most brilliant way to present it.  Back of your hand – now I really never understood that expression only what it was implied to mean, as I hardly look at the back of my hand especially not enough to know it that well… but there it is.
  • Good-humor – not slapstick unless your job is to be a comedian but enough that you divert your audience towards what you are selling and nothing sells better than when it invokes a radical emotion.
  • It is Simple Math – Solve it, if you solve a problem you have a marketable commodity. Think about what you offer that your client needs, the greater the need the more valuable the commodity.  If you are trying to sell ice in the arctic might want to think about switching your career field.

KK Quote opportunity So there you have it – just think about the last purchase you made in almost a desperate manner.  What caused that reaction? What motivated you to make the purchase? Ahhaa…. There it is! Someone got it right and you now have spent money whether you needed to or not – the right chemistry was there and the sell was made. Now, go and replicate it with what you are selling. Faster – Funnier! 

K. Kirkland~