Quality in everything

This is written for those that strive daily for more! More not for the sake of general amassing, keeping up with the Jones’s or blind consumerism but for the sole purpose of being a better person, living well and gaining a higher level of enjoyment out of the act of living.

During the next 24 hours, your heart will beat 103,000 times, and your blood will travel 168 million miles. You will breathe 23,000 times and inhale 480 cubic feet of air. You will move 750 muscles and exercise 7 million brain cells. No wonder we all feel tired. We’re constantly going. The principle of living a life filled with quality is to always attempt to excel and relish everything we do.

Picnic-Grass-BlanketWhen you eat – savor the bites, close your eyes for a moment and experience the flavors no longer impeded by distractions. Those that are striving to live in quality do not gulp or swallow without chewing they experience food and savor the endless flavors. Create an environment around your meal times that will permit you to not only refuel but enjoy it. I like going to a park there are several within walking distance to my office, drinking from a real glass, sitting on a blanket and enjoying the sounds of the marina or nature. (It is ok to enjoy environments you can luxuriate in!)

When you sleep – prepare for a night of blissful dreams. Create a ritual that adds to the enjoyment of a night of recharging our batteries. Like enjoying a hot cup of chamomile spice tea and cream. This also means rarely deviate from your scheduled sleep if it is 10pm-6am then stick to it. Choose sheets, pillows, scents and sounds in your sleeping area for your pleasure. Keep a notepad next to your bed write down anything that requires attention for taking care of in the morning. (Give yourself permission to relax and dream) Meditate on your day or better yet say a prayer of thanksgiving.

When you wake – greet the morning with deep cleansing breaths. No regrets my friends, set a challenging schedule to bring you closer to your goals and give yourself a reward to look forward to at the end of the day.

When you work – work! When you are creating your schedule of tasks pay heed to only adding tasks that aid you in your vision. Then fully focus on your tasks at hand – we are all given the same amount of time in a day those that choose to focus achieve higher results. (and generally go home on time…)

When you play – PLAY! It is wonderful to plan a day to just lounge in your PJ’s, dive into a good book, eat granny smith apples with smoked Gouda cheese while sipping your favorite drink – heck climb onto a hammock in your PJ’s and do it up right! But, this is a choice to deviate from your creative recharging play time. Your downtime should reward and excite you which will add to you productivity in other areas of your life. So come on LIVE! Break out that wish list of easy to more difficult bucket list items and start knocking them out.

Find yourself – it is so enjoyable to plan adventures with friends, relatives, significant others but it is also a key part of living to Abraham Lincoln - And in the endlearn to enjoy time with yourself.  So once a month or at the very least once every other month plan a day trip and pamper your independence.

Living a life of quality does not always mean expenses.  It means enjoying and savoring everything you do. It means slowing down so you do not miss the moments that make living here on earth so precious. It means relishing time and filling it with meaningful events. It means being a better person in everything you do. There is plenty of time in each day to create moments worth living for and those moments will give you something to look forward to day after day.  So start living a life of quality today – what are you waiting for?

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