Social Media… Can Help – Hinder

It is almost time for another wonderful holiday actually one of my favorites ‘The 4th of July’.  Knowing it is right around the corner and remembering seeing the posts on social media from previous holidays on accounts I am connected with I was motivated to write this Blog.
The chuckle we get from the bumper sticker that says “What Happens Today will be on Facebook Tonight“!

But, in actuality sometimes it does not create a chuckle from the powers that be… whether it is a current employer, potential customer or future job opportunity we need to be aware of the power and pitfalls in today’s age of technology and immediate media coverage that more often than not has a tendency to go viral.

How-Your-Employees-Are-and-Should-Be-Using-Social-MediaThis can be both a Help and Hinder depending on how we are using social media and what our privacy settings are saved as.  Majority of consumers prior to making a purchase even after receiving a recommendation from a trusted friend will go on-line to check out the company they are needing services from or to get more information on the product they want to purchase.  Do you know how you look on-line? How does your company look? What information is out there for public consumption?

Both Funny pictures of people falling asleep – if you owned a company that the quality of the employees you had depended on Employee sleep on jobEmployee sleep on job1 your success in a professional atmosphere & you were interviewing both in the morning… Who would get the job that your livelihood was dependent on?  We have all had our moments that we thank the powers that be that no one was standing around with a camera.  Several of my mentors tell me on a regular basis, “I am so glad social media was not a thing when I was growing up”!

Again, not saying don’t have fun and enjoy life – just know the possible effects of posting your evening of fun.

Both of these employees are ready for the weekend but one would get the job and one wouldn’t.. Does it mean that we all wouldn’t want to say the 1st comment on occasion? We have all had rough days but posting your issues instead of calling 1-800-BFF could mean the difference in a promotion or a pink slip.
Employers, Consumers, Clients all use the internet now as a resource for the decisions they make in their lives both personal and professional. How you appear as well as how your company appears is even more now than before a vital part of your personal and professional success.  Am I saying do not post – close the doors – turn the computer off – hide? Not at all!  Even if you do not assume control of the information it will get out there.  You need to be proactive and claim listings so that you make sure the information spreading is helpful and positive as well as correct.  It is a personal choice on the flip side if you want to use it to stay connected with friends & family – just know there are plenty of ways to protect your information and plenty of services available to help you.

It is a fact:

  • Employers have hired and fired based off of what has been viewed on-line
  • Consumers have purchased items seen on-line they would not have purchase normally because of a well marketed platform
  • Connections for business have been made because of on-line media that would never of been connected if it hadn’t been for their on-line visibility
  • Non-profit services have been saved due to a fundraiser going viral on-line drawing in support in locations that would never have heard of the services if not for on-line visibility
  • Businesses have increased their client base due to positive on-line reinforcement opportunities they might not have been able to afford from standard marketing options
  • Relationships have been made… and broken due to on-line information

So what does all this mean?  In a nut shell it’s out there – claim it – interact with it – enjoy it – just be savvy and make sure you are benefiting from the visibility not hurting from it.

As always – we are here for you and available for assistance in the ever changing ever evolving world of Social Media!


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