Marketing in 2015 and…

beyondMarketing in 2015 and Beyond! 

Marketing has a firm foundation in society that started back with the first door-to-door salesman. Good marketing techniques and skills are NOT new and what we do as sales people in 2020, 30, 40… will have the same techniques as was used in the early 1800’s. What is new is the support tools we now have to deliver our message.  Then: Door-to-door salesmen with briefcases of samples or town Criers to Now: internet and social media, streaming video, digital billboards and iPhones. No matter the platform you use to get your product and services in front of potential clients one thing remains consistent no matter the century we are in; your marketing efforts have to ‘solve a need’ your customers have and deliver that solution in a way that creates a balance between a sense of urgency and comfort.


Customer: I’m Thirsty so many choices…

Company: We have frosty cold drinks – limited edition with your name and your friends name on them!

This solved a need AND added sense of urgency (find your name!) as well as comfort bonus which gives a feeling of added satisfaction when you buy one for a friend. Score 1 for Coca~Cola…

Okay so now you now the golden formula make it part of the marketing plan you are creating with your own services or products. And… we are done here, Right?

town criersHardly, keep your seat belt fastened we have a few more things to chat about. During our conversations with professional connections, friends, clients and associates we always hear the question raised with concern; “How will we ever keep up? Everything changes on a weekly basis!” Yes, it does (somewhat) but only in additional social media sites, you are wasting energy and precious time focusing on this.  Chew on this from town criers, to newspapers, to radio, to television, to modern day world wide web… When has there been a new innovation in a marketing medium? We can trace the first “internet” usage to the early 1960’s when electronic email was developed. Now fifty five years later we are still letting ourselves go crazy over marketing on the internet and how best to use it.  Worry on how to use smell-a-vision or beam technology (order your food and it is transported to your table moments later)… Cool! Oh wait, that is not here yet.  There has been nothing ‘new’ since 1962… Better ‘yes’, more advanced ‘yes’ but not new.

It is very simple and (shh… not really tell everyone) here is the golden formula for marketing in 2015 and beyond.  When you are multi-channelsmall and just starting out focus on MAX – three mediums to use for promoting what you are offering.  As you grow add more mediums to your marketing plan.  When you reach a level you can hire (marketing manager – advertising agency) either in-house or contract work then take on even more! No agency should be 100% ‘doing’ it all for you after all it is your business, your vision, it should be a partnership with the goal of accelerating your business.  Stay involved with the person handling your marketing the more you stay connected the better the results will be.  Decide what mediums to use (print, social media, radio, grassroots options, vehicle wraps, telephone, apps, broadcast ads, professional memberships, video, billboards, etc) based on where your clients are and what your budget is.

Next when using these mediums apply the 80/20 rule – your marketing message should be 80% about the customer and only 20% about you.  Engage them, love them, listen to them! Yes, it is YOUR business but if they are not buying you are going to be very lonely and very broke. So if you like blue but they are buying red… do I really need to finish this sentence?

knowledge pwoerLastly, when choosing your medium to market on LEARN how to use it.  You do not need to know everything but knowledge is power and a business owner should know enough about every aspect of his business to know when something is not working. Even if you chose lets say radio and you have a sales person from their radio station that their job is to put it all together for you know enough about it that you understand how it works. This keeps unprofessional sales people in check and protects your investment. knowledge-is knowing

Marketing in the 1800’s or marketing in a hundred years it does not matter as long as you have the formula down: Solve a need, create a sense of urgency, give your customers love and engage them, know where they are and focus on using the mediums that suite your budget and visibility needs and lastly learn enough about the mediums you choose to use so that you know when to make a change (or hire someone to help guide you – but stay involved).

BONUS TIP: If using social media stick to mastering three-five top performing platforms.  With all the rest just have your contact information (claim them all) so if someone is looking they will find you.  Do not let yourself get squirreled by the newest shiny social media object. Master a choice few – enter the basics on as many as you can find.

See you in the future! ~K.Kirkland

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