Environment Matters

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We all have to be aware and vigilant in protecting our environment.  The elements surrounding us can either hold us back or propel us forward.  I for one enjoy a forward motion.  If you find yourself not able to more forward with the kind of momentum you desire this article is for you~

I may not have always had a strategic well laid out plan for for growth in my younger years, but I was pursuing it.  I soon found myself in situations where growth was not only ignored, the ‘professionals’ around me discouraged it.  If you tried to level up they put road blocks in the way.  I actually had one manager tell me when I was asked to go to the corporate office not to expect much and that it would be better if I did not contribute to the meeting instead only absorb.  She continued to inform me that it took her over five years to get her first assistant manager position due to the amount of training involved.  Then another three years for achieving a manager position and that was making great time. Gaining professional maturity and looking back you can see clear signs of professional jealousy.  Sadly this is an all to common trait in the professional world.  Upper management traditionally afraid of sharing their hard earned knowledge by thinking, “Why would I train my replacement?”.  This is so not the case and maybe you find yourself in a similar situation?  If you are I hope my sharing in this article will help you to break past the imaginary barriers that others put up in front of you out of insecurities, jealousy and envy.

To build around yourself an environment that will help you level up and reach your growth potential involves a few changes.inspirational-quote-average-of-five-people

1) Your Tribe – probably one of the most influential and important sections of building your environment is in the selection of your tribe. This is not always an easy thing to pull out the weeds that have grown into the cracks of your inner circle, but it is a must do task if you are going to take this article to heart and make some life changing improvements. It is possible to grow in isolation, but not as fast as you could surrounded by others on the same growth journey. Fill your tribe with others that enjoy challenges, encourage, call you out, a few that are ahead of you.  Recommend [Who’s got your back – Keith Ferrazzi, Tribes – Seth Godin, The seven habits of highly effective people – Stephen Covey]

2) Your Job – It is one thing to be challenged by others for growth, but having a job that also challenges you is even better.  When did you ever hear of a boring job that helped someone grow?  If you find yourself in an un-challenging job but are unable to make a change currently, use your tribe to brainstorm ways to add this element to your career.  It could be as simple as asking your supervisor/manager what other opportunities are available?  Recommend [Who Moved my Cheese – Spencer Johnson MD, Strengths Finder – Tom Rath, The One Thing – Gary Keller]

3) The Boss – Speaking of supervisors, managers, bosses, CEO’s and the like… this is not always something you can control, hopefully you have one that understands the more they help you be the best you can be the better it will make them.  In an ideal setting the willingness to grow is demonstrated at all levels. Leaders expect it of themselves as well as from the people they are responsible for.  They both hold accountable when it is not happening and celebrate when it is.  If you do not have a great leader in upper management gifting a book or two if they are open to being a better leader… Recommend [It’s your ship – Captain D. Michael Abrashoff, Leadership Book – Ken Blanchard, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and Five Levels of Leadership – John Maxwell]The_Adventure_Begins

4) Adventure – I know it is not always possible to have an adventure every day, but engage in enough to count as majority of your days.  Think about the days where you had an element of excitement, it was not all that hard to get up for was it?  When you are positive and have something to look forward to you will find yourself becoming more productive. Recommend [Positivity – Barbara Fredrickson, Who Switched off my Brain – DR Caroline Leaf]

5) Creative Space – Make sure the area where you will be most responsible for productivity is conducive to high quality output.  I enjoy using aromatherapy as well as making sure my wall colors rocks-butterfly-sunsetare soothing and at the same time energizing.  You do not want to be surrounded by overwhelming color schemes. [Essential oils for beginners – Althea Press, Feng Shui Office – Jon Cheng]

We are a product of our environment.  Making changes to that environment will often involve mistakes and failure. A good environment certainly makes it easier to grow. But whether you’re in a good environment or not, you can learn and improve where you are.  The more things you take control of bringing into your environment elements of energy, influence, productivity, success, opportunity, challenge, positivity and progress; the better your life will become!  ~K.Kirkland