Will it kick in your door?

opportunity knocksI am talking about opportunities and no sadly it is hardly ever as bold as getting your door kicked in. Understand that while opportunities are literally everywhere and each of us are given the same amount as the next person only one in about a hundred will see it.  It does not stop there only about one in the hundred that see the opportunity will do anything about it and only a fraction of those will find the success in a high level equal to the opportunity they were given.

Depressed? If you are then you might be one of the ninety-nine…

Challenged? Then you are one of the hundred this blog might help. Still reading? GOOD!!

If you are expecting opportunities for business, growth, relationships, or success to not just knock on but kick in your door you are going to be waiting a long time for anything great to happen.

Opportunities are bountiful and I mean extremely bountiful.  I could sit down and write from sun up to sun down without breaking and still not have time to list all the opportunities that are around us. So if there are so many opportunities why are not more people benefiting from them?

It is actually very simple and the majority of missed or dropped opportunities can be explained by the following:

  • The person the opportunity was meant for is not living in the moment. The past cannot be changed, the future is not written so those that do not live in the moment will miss opportunities. (Courses offered at Answer Marketing for teaching how to find over a hundred opportunities that are in front of you right now.)
  • When the opportunity presented itself you were not ready to take advantage of it. The universe has a plan for all of us and while there are hundreds of opportunities around all of us there are growth steps professionals have to take in order to be ready – really ready to not only see but also take advantage of the opportunity all the way from start to completion.
  • When an opportunity is presented the person blessed with it did not have good habits already in place. Good habits are a prerequisite for a successful opportunity; they usually cannot be formed after you accept an opportunity. So start now with creating great habits. (Yes, we teach courses for this as well.  One is coming up May 15th.)
  • Excuses, these are the main opportunity killer. The ninety-nine will say; I do not have enough money, time, missed opportunityresources, education, ability or some other lame excuse.  Yes, I said lame.  If you are waiting for the perfect time where you have all the pieces you need your competition will have already taken your opportunity and made something wonderful happen with it.  It is a fact – NO ONE is ever completely ready for most of the opportunities that are placed in front of them.  The ones that understand this and take on the challenge are the one in a thousand that are consistently creating success and having others envy them for their savvier ways.

There are many educational resources that teach techniques and skill sets to those that need help finding and following thru with action on opportunities. I would love to see you in one of our seminar, conferences or training events that give the answers, techniques and skill sets needed to increase your chances of ‘not’ missing any more opportunities. ~K.Kirkland