Plenty of Fish…

Dense school of Golden Sweepers, Nusa Penida Island, near  Bali, IndonesiaOkay, this is a part motivational, part attitude adjust, part wake up and get focused on what is real kind of blog.  So buckle up and hang on or close this post if you do not want it real… as things are about to get real

Insight: THERE IS ENOUGH BUSINESS FOR EVERY ONE – especially for those that earn it!

Focus on your mission, your own goals and stop wasting effort worrying what others in your industry are doing.  If you are focused on your task at hand and taking care of your clients with the effort you put when you sold to them, you will have no worries. Now I am not saying ignore your competition. You need to learn from them but allowing yourself to stress over what they are or are not doing is just plain silly.

Go on without meEx: a new business in your industry opens up and they have hit the ground running, signing up new clients left and right.  Sound familiar? This was you a few years ago when you opened…. I am sure you caused a bit of a ripple in the community as well. Think how that felt? Was it glorious? New Business! New Clients! New Excitement & wonderful momentum…

So what happened? Loose a little momentum? Get comfortable with your client base, structure, services? When you made your splash did you put anyone out of business? Probably not… But they more than likely felt the impact.

Insight: THIS CAUSED GOOD BUSINESSES TO GET BETTER – especially the ones that did not let it negatively impact them instead used it as a wake up call and made a few changes.

Wake Up – Make Changes Freak out – Bury your head
Reach out to clients & renew your efforts Reach out to clients & bash the competition
Renew your marketing efforts Plug along same as always
Look for ways to add value Show what the competition does not have
Show your value by action Show you are better by talk alone
Promote clients on your media platforms Make accusations trying to get clients back
Ask lost clients what you could have done better Tell lost clients they will be sorry they switched
Find your energy to get back out there and earn Believe there was nothing you could have done
STAY Positive – take the High road & work better Turn sour and resort to negative actions

Insight: EVERY ACTION HAS A REACTION & EACH ACTION IS A CHOICE – Choose to focus on what matters.

Each of us have the same opportunities as the next person; no better economy, no better client pool, no better chance at happiness or money or power or whatever it is we are after.  Each person is only endowed with choice – the choice to work better, harder, more efficient, be more valuable, contribute or destroy, to use our skills or waste them, to wallow in pity or move forward with value…

There is seriously PLENTY OF FISH in your sphere of success, actually more than you can possibly provide services to – the portion you get of those swimming by will always depend on your actions.  Ever see a school of fish part when a shark or other predator comes near? How about when a fisherman casts his net? The shark may get a few to sustain him, but the fisherman can load his haul with value by the way he chooses to cast his net.  Its-Up-To-You

Insight: WHO CARES YOUR COMPETITION MOVED IN – Put your big girl/boy pants on and be a value to your clients EVERY day, then drink a glass of wine and watch ‘competition’ come and go.  What does it matter to you, if you are a true value to this world others will come and go but you will ride the storms, feel the winds of success blow and bring in the catch.

Choice –