Building Your Power-

build relationshipsBuilding powerful connections for professional networks is the initial path you should take for success and it all begins with your first connection!

It is your path and the foundation you lay with your initial connections can mean all the difference between just having a thriving business and having a success story of extreme proportions.  If you are just starting out or if you are looking to keep adding to your network make sure to select those that will inspire you, provide a knowledge reservoir, support a health confidence level, and aid in enriching your goals.

Keep in mind when building your Power Network filling it with the right connections that strengthen your desire to succeed, can change your life! Those that are closest to us have the ability to influence our path – for better or worse… so choose wisely.  Ultimately each of us have to be the power that provides the direction, speed and level of our accomplishments but it will be WAY easier with a strong core of enriching relationships around you.

So we all now know we need these power connections to aid in our path to success the next step is to find them and cultivate lasting relationships with them.  Remember, give first – share your own knowledge and expertise. Help enough people get what they need to succeed and your circle of connections with grow naturally.  Networking opportunities are all around you.  Initially invite your connections to events – groups – meetings you attend and in return ask for invitations to what they are involved in to expand your reach.

In order to achieve success in professional networking to build on your connections keep these three things in mind:

  • Build It – Embrace technology and create a presence worth following.  It is a vital part of building your success especially when you make a connection and they want to know more about you – what will they find? Will it show them in you what you are looking for in return from them? Will you look like the ‘Power’ connection they want to add to their own foundation?
  • Connect With Your Community – Get out there, it is not all happening on the internet.  Powerful relationships are being forged every day by those that are making meaningful, lasting connections in person. Optimize your networking times by having a strategy that includes businesses, industries or professionals you want to meet. Go where they are, bring value and remember quality over quantity…
  • Nurture – Avoid the professional death spiral, do not make a splash on the internet and in your community then Growingdisappear.  Networking and professional relationships need nurturing, care and attention.  Maintaining is not enough you need to continue to develop those vital relationships through continued interactions, letters, email, calls, coffee meetings, community groups, social media chats, and one-on-one sessions when possible.  Keep building your network off of the foundation of your initial connections keeping yourself open to opportunities to meet new people. Ultimately you want to try and achieve a uniqueness that creates a growing effect of becoming the ‘Power’ connection others want to meet.

That is when you come full circle and truly build your Power base for business success and extreme growth! ~K.Kirkland

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