Tomorrow will never come…

tomorrow_never_comesWe all have put things off till ‘tomorrow’ in the hopes that we will have more time, better resources, more ability or whatever the reason is that we are unable or unwilling to take advantage of our ‘today’.  It is a fact that beautiful tomorrow never comes as when it arrives, it is already today!

So what are you waiting for? The time is now in this moment… to tell your loved ones they are precious, your enemies you forgive them, your friends that they hold a special place in your heart. This year has brought already so many beautiful as well as painful moments that where not planned for or thought of till they were upon us.

Do not search the possibilities that you think will come with your tomorrows by losing your wonderful ‘today’! Make EVERY DAY count – the challenge is to create opportunities for moments that will last you a lifetime because tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us.

Greet the glorious morning with all the reverence it deserves. Task yourself with goals that matter, that make a difference Todayand excuse yourself from guilt over putting off the insignificant tasks that you did not get to.  Add to each day a moment to reflect on the beauty of our world and those that are a positive influence in it.  Share a random complement for the mother you passed in the store juggling a child on her hip, pushing her frazzled hair out of her eyes and trying to mark off the items on her grocery list. Revel in the chance to find an opportunity to pay it forward no matter how large or small. Make sure you let those that hold a place in your heart ‘know’ they are amazing. Sometimes it is not for us to assume they know but open our mouths and put words to our feelings. Share a hug, a smile, a kind word! Thank the person providing a service sincerely – let them know they matter in your ‘today’!

Break out that ‘Bucket List’ and start working on it! Be the person that at the end of it all, when they are asked; “What if you could do it over would you do differently?” that can speak one word..’Nothing’

Nothing at all, I did all I wanted or could, lived my life to the best of my ability, put priorities on the things that mattered, loved with my whole heart, held no grudges, let my words heal and wasted not one moment.

It is a choice – whether you live for ‘Today’ or go on waiting for the ‘Tomorrow’ that will never come…

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