Fundamentals will get you there…

Where? Any where you are wanting to get to in your life.MJ quote

I have always liked the idea of getting back to the fundamentals when you need a special boost.  Especially if your business plan was working better in the past than it is in this moment.

A rule of great business practices is to always be growing, expanding, getting better and in general making positive progress.  If you have stalled out there is no time like the presence to add back into your routine the fundamental actions you took when you first started in business.

For me it was initially word of mouth most directly with family, friends, professional connections and places I used for my needs like the doctor office – shopping – dining out – auto mechanic – etc.

A little change up might be in order as when we previously said, “I am starting my own company” or “I am beginning a new career” followed up with a heartfelt request like “You are someone I rely on and it would be tremendously meaningful if you recommended me to someone needing my skill set”.  Now, you might want to say, “I am at a positive moment in my business/career and looking to add clients to my portfolio or successes”.

Reestablishing connections and working new spheres is only one step of many that will give you the recharge needed during a stall out moment.

Actually not waiting for a stall out moment to remember to incorporate fundamentals as strongly now as you did in the past is my first recommendation for success.  One of my favorite iconic characters is Michael Jordan when he referenced attributing his success to regular practice sessions of even the basics like dribbling.

When you are in a start up, experiencing a stall out or trying to level up focusing on fundamentals of good business techniques can be priceless.  Working your word of mouth opportunities is step one below are a few more key elements that should always find a spot in routine business practices.

  • Paying it forward – when you are given a referral or connection cultivate not only the new referral but also the one giving you the new connection. {Hand written thank you card is one of many things you should do for the referrer to show your gratitude}
  • Asking – If you are not routinely asking and rewarding your current clientele for referrals you are missing a huge opportunity!
  • Existing – Cultivating customers you already have are your best bet for increasing your sales; it’s easier and more cost-effective to get people who are already buying from you to buy more than to find new customers and persuade them to buy from you.
  • Connect – Stay active in your community. People are more likely to remember to use, help or refer to those they see often.
  • Join – No more than three professional groups per staff person.  Otherwise you are just going through the motions instead of actually benefiting from your membership. {Recommend: one active professional referral group, one community group or non-profit & one association or organization designed for your industry}
  • Watch – your costs. Overhead can shut you down faster than a stale market.
  • Change – Do not be afraid to test out new ways of providing service or new products. Just remember with any changes give it proper time to gauge tracked results.
  • Where – Make sure you are asking how they are finding you otherwise how will you know if your efforts are working and which are working the best?
  • Open – Being open minded and positive even on a rough day is probably one of the hardest things to do.  But, unless you remain open it is a guarantee opportunities will be missed.
  • Chat – With everyone, you never know where your next customer will come from. I mean really who wants to listen in silence to elevator music?
  • Know – You have to really know ‘verbally’ not just in your mind what it is that you do.  If you cannot explain with passion in your voice what you offer that any level of intelligence can not only understand but repeat. Go back to the drawing board.
  • Partner – Professionals that understand ‘team’ will go further – faster! Be great at what you do and partner for support with those that have other skills you need.
  • Action – As in all things active action is your businesses life force. If you want to have ten new clients in a week and you usually close 30% of those you meet then do the numbers…
  • Care – For yourself as much as those helping you. It shows in our abilities to sell well when we are healthy and happy!
  • Commit – Commit to the journey! A primary key to success is to be committed to the journey you are on. Trust your gut, keep the faith, stick to the fundamentals, surround yourself with awesomeness, and find the strength to stick it out.

There are many – many great techniques to deploy for positive growth the key is to actually do them and keep doing them.  If you are ready to leverage we would love to help you with this exciting journey! Just reach out… when you are ready!

~K. Kirkland


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