Making ‘IT’ Happen…

Making It Happen…
I am so excited by this new idea, expansion we want, new service or product we could offer or company growth… but………………Entreprenuer finish line

I need to get some more education.”, “The timing is not quite right.” “I need to build a larger network first.” or “I do not have enough funding.” We hear these and may other ‘EXCUSES’ all the time when someone states they have an idea they believe would be beneficial. I would like to request a moment of your time in reflection if you have ever given an excuse as the reason why you are not ‘Making It Happen’ right this moment…

“Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.” ~Napoleon Hill

Those that are making their world and the world of those closest to them amazing are the ones that are ‘CREATING’ the opportunities. Waiting for the right -EVERYTHING- to happen is only creating a permanent road block in your ability to have success. Am I saying just leap? Not exactly. I am however saying if you are waiting for the perfectly flawless moment to take another step you are going to be one of those people that at the end of their life are filled with regrets.

So what is really holding you back?
Fear – it is the ultimate cause of all excuses.

Fear of failure is one of the largest causes of hesitation and in the end creation of all kinds of in our minds reasonable excuses why we should wait. The reasons – no lets call it like it is – the Excuses you can come up with when you are trying to test how ready you are can feel very valid in your mind if you are not truly ready for the success others are enjoying.

Others-Make-It-HappenSo how do you know?
Are you really ready or just wanting to be ready? How do you know if you have it in you to take the next step for success?
Ask yourself these questions:
1) Have you written out what you want?
2) Have you listed steps needed?
3) If you require outside support to make it happen do you have a list of those needs?
4) Have you reverse engineered the process you will need to make it all happen?
5) Do you have action items listed next to your steps that you can take right now?
6) Do you have a time frame set for each step?
7) Are you passionate about this opportunity?
8) Can you do it alone or will you require help?
9) Do you have the funds needed or access to get these funds?
10) Is there a need for this opportunity you want to create?

Has fear of failure or actual failure ever seriously injured you?

Now you have the initial questions and you know you can enlist others to help you achieve your success so one final Willing to learnquestion you need to ask yourself in order to know if the time right this very moment is your moment.

One final question that will provide the answer you need in order to take hold of opportunity and start on your path to success.

CAN YOU TAKE A STEP – ANY STEP – RIGHT THIS MOMENT TOWARDS MAKING ‘IT’ HAPPEN? If you can answer ‘YES’ to that question then you are over half way there! If it was meant to be it will happen, you just need to take the first actionable step towards it.  Elements you require to make the opportunity a reality have a way of landing in the laps of DO’ERS.  The time is now, the steps will come one after the other you need only take a step. 

take-the-step  ~K.Kirkland