One way or the other… not both

relationship-marketing-loyalty-trustIt drives businesses, expands professionals reach, and even floats companies through the slow seasons.  I am talking about Relationship Marketing and it is booming!  Those that ‘get it‘ and desire an ever growing income due to word of mouth referrals have a decision to make. You cannot drive your business success on the premise of relationship marketing without getting totally invested.  We hear professionals contradict themselves all the time – stating they buy into the benefits of relationship marketing and then are heard saying: “Why are you getting upset it is only business after all.” or “Keep emotion out of it – just the facts.”

The true value of relationship marketing can only be had if real friendships are being forged. You have to be honest in your dealing, genuine in your desire to bring value and make real connections by implementing a how else can I help you attitude.  People will only go out of their way to promote someone other than themselves if they are invested in that relationship.  You do not get to a level of success that brings great wealth emotionally and financially without a large degree of personal

Make no mistake this is a skill set and the companies that hire ‘the right attitude’ staff and even provide continuing motivational and technique training will leave their competition behind.  It is not something you can fake for long and if you do when it comes out it will do more damage to you professionally than if you had never pretended in the first place.


So choose as businesses that ‘get it‘ not ‘fake it’ are growing by leaps and bounds!  Choose one way or the other as you cannot attempt to benefit from the value of relationship marketing and try to remain detached mentally in a it is ‘business only’ attitude.  Invest in your clients, become valuable, tear down the barriers of pretense, open yourself to possibilities, provide the perks you yourself enjoy, make honest connections and feel the glory that relationship marketing brings to all who ‘get it’ and live by it!