Leading to water…

Horse to waterIt is a fact you can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink, this is also sadly true in business.  There are so many talented professionals desperately wanting to help the un-thirsty with the wisdom they are gifted or educated with.  But, as with the horse you cannot make the un-thirsty take your advice or act on the solutions you provide that would boost their revenue or even in some cases be the defining moment that saved their business.

Time and again professionals put their gifts out there for the benefit of their clients to no avail, leaving us scratching our head in confusion. You see the simple fact ‘DO THIS AND YOU WILL SUCCEED‘ that we understand in its entirety is not always a common sense to those we are trying to help.

This article is not for the ones that do not ‘get it’… I am not taking this moment in time to deliver some triumphant motivational, shake the lead out, get your rear in motion article.  This moment is for those that are spinning their wheels trying to help the un-thirsty masses. STOP, stop right now and take stock of the time you are spending trying to help those that are not yet ready for your gifts.  Understand this is not a failure on your end but on theirs.  Yes, you could help them – Yes, they would benefit from your knowledge and abilities – Yes, they would increase their profit margin – Yes, eventually they might even be grateful once the light in the attic popped on… All these are true if they are ready for you, if they are not ready and you will know this because the tasks that you assign them never get done.  Also, they are unwilling to contribute to their own success – you cannot do it ALL for them and be in a position to keep growing yourself by helping more if you are being drained by a few.

SowerYou are doing a disservice to not only yourself but the people you are not able to help that are ready for your gifts because you are tied up in wasted effort with an un-thirsty client. Here is another thought the people you are trying to help that are not thirsty are only getting frustrated with your efforts because of the fact that they are not ready. Jim Rohn said it best with his law of sowing and reaping which came from the parable of the sower Matthew 13. Everyone ‘needs’ your services but not ‘everyone’ deserves your services. If you keep sowing your gifts on rocky soil or among the thorns it will not bear fruit.

Share your gifts but… only to those that are ready and deserving.  You cannot make people accept your help, no matter how much you want to help them, if they are not ready to grow and prosper. There are many people in the world that want success but do not want to earn it, they will sadly drain you dry if you let them.  The hardest thing givers (you) have to learn is to let go and not take it to heart when people are not ready for your gifts.

You are amazing! So go out and share your gifts, talents, skills, services, and knowledge with deserving people ready to not only accept but match your efforts on their behalf.  The secret to wealth and happiness is to find a way to serve the many, for service to many leads to greatness! You cannot serve many if the few un-thirsty are draining you.

So take stock in your efforts, if you enjoy the water of life; profit and happiness then focus your efforts on the thirsty and ready.