When did it…

images (65)When did it become acceptable to not do or be our very best? I listen to the stories of our elders about the ‘good ol days’ and can not help but think what stories will I be sharing in the future?

Will they be of great deeds, kindness, acts worthy to mention – will they inspire others or bring tears of hope? When I hear about how an elder mentor of mine used to enjoy hanging out in front of a local store shooting the breeze, greeting neighbors as they passed by all while enjoying sipping on a cool beverage – as he is recalling stories I think to myself…

I bet he did not use foul language while telling his story & when he left I can guarantee that can of soda was not left on the ground for someone else to pick up.

When did it become acceptible to eat at a restaurant and leave a mess, not hold the door open for the next person, not share a smile or kind word as we pass by, or make sure our trash makes it into a receptacle… yes, even cigarette butts?

When did it become the norm to drift thru life with only thought of ourselves, instead of how we can improve the world we live in? When did it change to thinking more about getting than giving?

When my parents raised us going out to a restaurant was a treat we enjoyed and to this day I can tell you we left our table better than when we sat. Our plates were stacked, table wiped and absolutely no food left on the floor. Going to restaurants today it still stuns me when I see children throwing food and no one at the table doing anything about it. When did this become acceptible behavior? Do they throw food on the floor at their own home and walk away when the meal is over?

I ask myself is it a cause and effect of our technology advancements that make us numb to basic decency like some state? No, I refuse to use or accept any excuse for actions of bad behavior and selfishness.  I am grateful my whole family enjoys using technology and we all still hold doors, greet others with a kind word, tip for great service while making sure to not be a slob, take our buggy all the way to the cart holder, hand write thank you cards, acknowledge service providers, do not cut in line, and even make our beds at a hotel… We are our actions at all times and especially when no one is looking.

So what stories will you share in the future when reflecting back on what should be our ‘good ol days’? Will they be of moving moments and results of paying it forward that will mold the generations to come… or will it be of how you always enjoyed the fruits from the suffering of others?

I would rather write about when it changed and was no longer acceptible behavior than to ask what happened to the ‘Good ol Days’?