Crying over spilt milk~

spilt milkMost of my blogs come from an event that inspires me to share my thoughts, support, knowledge and sometimes general nonsense. Today I am motivated by a moment of pain followed quickly by a spike of stress. Not in any way like the pain of losing a loved one or world hunger levels. But, in the moment no matter the cause, the pain can be devastating crippling even.  When you are in the moment it can weight you down like a gravity turned up a 100% making your shoulders feel like they cannot hold your head up another second.

Go ahead give yourself permission to take five, pout, scream, cry, punch an inanimate object or have a satisfying moment of breaking something as the sound alone can sometimes soothe the soul. (As long as it does not hurt another mentally or physically) as screaming at your desk without warning the staff could cause a trip to the emergency room when heart attacks start to happen…

Giving yourself that moment can be healing and in some cases if you have fun with it reinvigorating.  It is in itself a mindset moment – you need to be strong to be weak.  What I mean is taking that moment so you can move on needs to be brief so as not to permanently cripple yourself from the progress that is now required.  That is where the strength comes in – the mindset that allows you to express and reset.

punching bagMy grief was in the form of a full on pout – laid head none to gently on my desk and bawl not pretty – no worry here about the mascara and Rudolf nose… even let myself drool a little. I’m even thinking how nice that boxing bag I bought my son for Christmas would feel if it was hanging in my office right now.  (mental note: buy one for the break room)

Next step STRENGTH – take deep cleansing breathes, lots of them! Then repeat ‘What Good Can I Create From This‘?  I am recharging even as I write this telling myself the situation I find myself in is going to make me stronger, give me an opportunity that would not have happened had I not been forced and I mean FORCED down this path and I can actually feel myself coming back to lifeanxiety-superJumbo. While I am recharging (might need a few more cleansing breathes) my mind starts to work a little miracle as my thoughts begin to create a solution which hopefully once it comes to fruition I will find myself in a better place.

You cannot always see the rainbow through the storm but without the storm the rainbow would not always be be possible. So yes, have your moment – have another one – treat yourself to a little stress relief and then get back on it! A little ‘take five – cry over spilt milk’ moment can be refreshing when done with strength.  Too much wallowing and you will find yourself at the bottom of a very deep well of self-pity of your own making which makes you not much help to anyone least of all yourself.  So get back up brush the proverbial knees off, sing a new song, do a little dance and turn the spilt milk into something better.