What is normal?

define_normalWhen you think of the word ‘normal‘ in a business context what does that mean to you? Is it taking one day at a time and being happy when things do not go sideways? Does it mean increasing your revenue and saying, ‘I am a success’?  Does it mean being happy if you lose two clients but gain three shortly after?

When we are comfortable moving into a position of daily normalcy we can be happy… but is that what you saw in your vision of business success? Businesses that are no longer setting high expectations and challenging themselves to make major improvements in their status quo can find themselves in a position of decline. When you are comfortable you are the type of businesses that more often than not find themselves going stagnate and not able to meet their future overhead needs.

When professionals go into business for themselves it is not with the expectations of ‘making do’, ‘meeting needs’ or ‘just surviving’.  We go into business with the expectations of excelling in our chosen career path. If you have fallen into the grove of being happy with just making ends meet then I challenge you to pull yourself out of that grove and declare this year the one for making vast improvements to the ‘norm’!

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself do you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future?  Give yourself permission to be uncomfortable, to push your limits, to set challenges in order to break out of the rut you may find yourself in just because you are comfortable with being comfortable.

Being normal is boringTomorrow is for the 98% of the population that are moving in a painfully, slow motion and today is for the remaining 2% that includes the Power Connectors, the Innovators, the Doer’s of life.  Are you or do you want to be in the 2%? Look around you can recognize them as they have rosy cheeks full of life, they are the risk takers and the trend setters. The 2% are living life instead of letting others live it around them.

Today choose to ‘not’ be normal and let us make something wonderful happen, breathe life back into your world and take the step towards real success!

~K. Kirkland