Procrastination Habits…

FACT: We all have the same amount of time in our days. Difference is in how we make use of that time. You can trace every success or failure in your life back to how much procrastination is involved.

Food for thought: Procrastination is a habit. Just like our traditional routine habits like waking up and brushing our teeth every morning procrastination is a form of habit.  We get in a routine of putting things off, doing the bare minimum, dulling our senses through low-quality entertainment, eat fast food and sleep in rather than waking early to get a jump on our day. Smart tilesJust like any habit once formed it is an easier action to maintain rather than break.  The simplest solution to eliminating procrastination is not to fight it. Instead, you need to replace it with good routines that benefit your life and what you desire most.

Setting SMALL & S.M.A.R.T. goals is the key smart goal setting conceptto combating procrastination.  Now when I saw ‘Small’ do not misunderstand that I am approving ‘Small’ goals, instead ‘Small’ is in reference to the actionable steps you will be taking to achieve ‘Large’ goals.  For a goal to take hold setting small actionable steps that will make your journey towards success will increase your odds of accomplishing your goals.

excuses quoteYou want to keep from being overwhelmed by your action list.  Write down your goal steps and mark them off as they get accomplished.  If a task will take more than a month to complete make sure you break it down into smaller pieces.  Being able to mark off tasks towards your goal is huge for keeping you motivated and fending off procrastination.  Add rewards to this process, we are never to old to benefit from a reward system!

Procrastination is born out of setting large – hard – boring goals.  It comes in spades when you are not excited about you need to accomplish.  If you are wanting to make a change in your life, loose weight, get up earlier, write a book, learn a new language… whatever it is you will find a 100 reasons why not to make progress if you are not EXCITED by the thought of accomplishing your task.

Acknowledging the reason why you are procrastinating and making excuses is a key element to getting past this obstacle in your success. If it is something you’must’ do to succeed but it has an element of boring to it, increase your reward for accomplishing it.  If you are excited by your goal but still making excuses ask yourself why? In most cases it is a sense of becoming overwhelmed so make sure you are following S.M.A.R.T. goal setting.

Today is YOUR day, just think about how far you would be if you had started back when you first thought of what you wanted to add or change in your life.  This moment – this exact moment will never be any better for starting.  So no more excuses, procrastination or delays of any kind.  Take the leap and start living the way you want to live because in the end no one wants regrets…  ~K.Kirkland

Now is the time

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