Worthy Investing

Choice quoteWorthy investing starts with choosing wisely. In everything we do, say, feel, taste, buy, and create (you get it…) there is an accountability that has to happen along with making wise choices. 

Look back over 2014 and make an action list of things you invested in. Include vehicle purchases, business dealings, friendships made, any and all investments that took time or money.  Looking at these you will start to notice a pattern the items you dedicated more than the basic investment in turned out to be of greater value to you. 

In order to make your next year better than the last we have to be ready to take a hard look at not only what worked, what does not but also why they did or did not work.  That requires a truthfulness that some of us are not usually willing to give like understanding that if something did not work that it more often than not can be attributed to our own amount of contributions or lack of…

Excuses the achievers four letter word and the number one reason why our investments do not live up to our excuses quoteexpectations.  Take for example the number one investment most people make or at least try to make; their health.  They purchase gym memberships, videos, exercise clothes, yoga mats, meals, pills, and weights all from the excitement of an advertisement that promises weight loss in under 30 days with better sleep and even promise more love.  Did you invest? What were your results? Did you make any changes in your lifestyle? Did you match their products with the required personal investment?  We have come to expect immediate results without much participation or real personal investment because society tells us fast results can happen.  Then when the results we were promised (without reading the fine print) does not happen we get frustrated and move onto the next shiny toy.

Life is there for the taking for those that understand you get more return if you are willing to match the investment.  Ask yourself how badly (seriously), how badly do you want it in 2015?  Whatever your ‘IT’ is if you are not willing to match with effort and resources like money or time get ready to add more items to the side of your list of failures. 

Today you are blessed by many things.  Some of those things are only important to you but it does not make them any less of a blessing.  We are all busy with goals and ambitions so when you decide you want to grow your business, spend more time with your family, be a better friend, find a cause worth getting excited over, live healthier, go diving or some other ‘dream/goal/desire’ then you have to be willing to invest in it completely.  To ask for more than you are willing to give, to expect a product to work miracles without effort on your part, to ask a professional connection to match your 65% with their 110%, to expect a service to deliver happiness on your doorstep with a wave of the wand, or want right now what someone else has given five-ten-fifteen years to accomplish without your own commitment will make for a fast landslide down the drain of epic failures.  

success comes quoteWorthy investing starts with you; doing your part, giving time and/or finances, blocking moments during the week to make things happen, creating actionable and realistic goals, bringing your ‘A’ game with you everywhere, a level of passion, eliminating selfishness, contributing to the process and in general participating! Looking back over 2014 you should notice that where you invested your resources in a desired outcome your success level was great.  The tasks that you did not dedicate your resources to you will see either benefited a lot less or outright failed.  Stats do not lie, they show those who understand that it is not a free ride with no effort are the ones that gain the brass ring of success.

The only element that can hold you back stares at you in the mirror. So tell that reflection NO MORE EXCUSES – No More Shortcuts, This Is My Time! Wanting something is not enough… You must hunger for it, your passion must consume you in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way. 

Make the investment, today is the perfect day to start living successfully!  We would like to help you get there by matching your effort!   

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