Creating a Successful Resolution

122110-calvin_resolutionsIt’s that time! Bring on the champagne and let’s celebrate the triumphs of year passed and the splendor of a New Year to come!

This is also the time when resolutions are made and sadly broken within months of their creation.  Why, you ask is it that we lack resolve, maybe finances, or is it that we didn’t want it bad enough?  There are many reasons to why resolutions are not kept much longer than it takes us to chose and set them into motion. Some of these reasons for resolution failure are also the key to understanding how to turn them into a success.

First do not be hard on yourself, think about all the things this past year that you chose to do and succeeded.  The reasons they were successful are what you need to look for in your New Year’s resolutions.

  • Is it yours? When creating resolutions – make sure they are yours and not someone else’s idea of a good resolution.
  • Do not make too many resolutions – halt yourself from getting dragged into making a list. Creating fewer resolutions will increase your chances of success. Prioritize – there is nothing that says they have to all be made in January?
  • What are you passionate about? Think about the things you’ve accomplished – those items I can guarantee had some level of passion in them. If you are not going to bed and waking up thinking about this new change or goal it will not last long enough for success.
  • Action steps must be laid out. If you say I want to eat healthier but have no list made of how to accomplish it you won’t get very far.
  • Support is a key factor – share your resolution with someone that will help you stay accountable. Team work makes the dream work!
  • Reward yourself – not just at the end of your success but all along the way. Small steps that are rewarded help you get to the next level of your resolution faster.
  • Set a time for yourself to meditate on your progress. Make sure you are still on target and make any adjustments needed to stay the course. Rome was not built in a day so make sure your action steps are reachable.
  • Stay positive! If it was easy we would all be setting goals and excelling at life. If you are behind just reset your timeline or better yet give it a boost by taking on a few extra tasks and rewarding yourself for not giving up!

resolutions2_crop380w YOU CAN DO IT! If you are in my circle of friendships know that I believe in you and look forward to celebrating in your successes~

So last words of advice do not wait if you really want to make a change January 1st is just a date – now is the time!  ~Kristi Kirkland

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