Third times a charm…

Yes, I know you’ve heard it before try – try again and we hope the 3rd times a charm. Well, this is about your daily routine and adding some serious productivity boosts to your day.

Think now about how many thoughts roll around your head – I don’t know about you but that is a serious time distraction when you have ‘brain blogging‘ going on.  Some of us get so bogged down with the ideas, needs, issues and other thoughts that roll around on a regular basis that we do not function at our highest or stay as creative as we need to be.

Third times a charm – here’s where it comes into play.
First time charm: When you come in to the office in the morning before you start your daily routine take your first moment in the day to seriously clear your mind.

Now this is harder than it sounds you are not just taking a quick few breaths, thinking of your happy place, and starting your day.  You need to close off distractions (cell phones, computers, bright lights, activity in the halls) and let those ‘brain blogging‘ thoughts surface while you visualize a list in your head and prioritize the thoughts that surface.  For some of you that do not visualize well it is ok to write down the thoughts surfacing.  Now go over them and put them into perspective.
1) Grass needs mowed (This can be thought about at home)

2) Power point presentation needs fixed (Prioritize)
3) Coffee pot needs rinsed (Do at next break)
4) Client follow ups (Right after you clear out yesterdays left overs)
5) Left over work from yesterday (Start your morning with & prioritizing value)
6) Call back utility company (Handle at first break)
7) Squirrel…. ok that was a serious distraction (How many of you have thoughts of unexplained randomness?)
8) Check on car oil level (Right after work is over)

Next open your eyes you have your structure for the start of the morning – take your deep breaths, roll the shoulders, straighten the spine and take on the day!
Wait!! What about 3rd times the charm?? You all know as well as I do that even the most well laid plans go awry when other outside factors come into play.  So what you just did with your priority listing to start your day you do again right after lunch and before you go home.  Only difference is after lunch you will re-clear your mind and re-prioritize your morning list taking into effect higher priorities that may have come your way.  The 3rd times a charm & one of the most important for a balanced life is when you clear your work day out of your mind – remember you are human and there is only so much you can do in a day.  Write yourself out a task list for the next morning and put it out of your mind allowing family and fun come into your mind.
Some might do this task right after shutting down the computer for the day or on the ride home, where ever it is just make sure it is handled before you walk into your home. Consciously think about a wonderful memory before you walk into the house and be the greeter with a huge smile for your castle area.
This will not happen over night and it does require concentration and dedication. But, if you make it part of your routine like drinking 8-8oz glasses of water a day it will improve your spirit and productivity!

Think Happy Thoughts!
Kristi Kirkland

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