Building a team to be envied…

Banner AlphaImagine having a sales team loaded with top producers; your department would consistently exceed their annual goals and generate new business while retaining valued customers.  You would have a sales team praised by your executives and envied by your competitors! Sound great? Of course it does!

Why? Because access to extreme finances, the perfect strategy, or even the best technology are not enough to give you the ultimate competitive advantage. Nothing is more powerful than the fluidity of the rare and invaluable actions of a positive team & visibility!

In a recent survey, 80% of respondents indicated that the quality of those hired is the single most important determinant of a sales department’s success. This makes sense when you think about the sales stars you have worked with in past.  They are usually highly-motivated, industrious people who continually strive and exceed their numbers even in the toughest conditions. Loading your team with people of this caliber can substantially improve overall sales performance. Now knowing what you need and actually being able to hire the quality needed is the difference between ultimate success or failure.

09a5d-trainingEver wonder why your staff only gives just enough or even less than what is asked of them? Have you worried if you leave for a few days what will be on your desk when you return? If you left on vacation would your office run the same? Does your staff understand & value your business you are growing? Do you feel your staff has your back?  Does your company function fluidly? Is everyone in your company bringing a value? Does your entire staff have at their fingertips and understand your vision?  Do you have the time to give the needed training to new hires with the right personality? Is there anyone in your company getting you connected to your community? Do you run your company or does it run you?

YES – these are sometimes hard questions we need to ask if we want to take our companies to the next level!

The difference between a truly successful business and a mediocre one is not only understanding that you need a phenomenal team in place but one that is willing to take the steps to make that happen. Owners are meant to run their companies this happens when the right people are brought in to help fill in the gaps. No one expects you to do it alone or to have all the answers.

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things, he is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” R. Reagan 

In order to have the team that is envied by every business owner in the area you need to be ready to break away from the traditional hiring methods.  In addition, not accepting mediocre results as the norm…

Yes, as with all things there is a way and a process to follow to get you on your path to having the company you always wanted. Ready?

1) Know your business plan inside and out 2) Set goals and steps to accomplish them 3) Define peak performance for your company 4) If you do not have a revolutionary staff member that is skilled enough to train, motivate and manage existing and new staff – hire a corporate trainer 5) Embrace new age assessment and sales interviewing methods 6) Provide ‘Observer’ training 7) Establish validation pre-hire step 8) Have systems in place for fluidity 9) Have routine progress and incentive check points 10) Provide leveling up opportunities within your company

These are a few necessary elements to having the company with the staff team everyone envies. Having an energized and productive staff just increases your companies profitability levels. When you are ready to take your company all the way to the big leagues our team at Answer Marketing would love to help you get there~

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