When Goals Fizzle…

ProblemsWe’re coming into the end of one year and the beginning of another, a time of goal setting and resolutions.  Problem is we have been down this road before… Starting something new; losing weight, quit smoking, complete a triathlon, start a savings account, join a club… these are all things you will hear from your friends, family and even out of your own mouth.

Having goals or starting new ones are the standard action for most especially around New Year’s Eve.  Let’s try and change that habit into one that is more reasonable and will hopefully last you a little longer than the ones you made last year.

First acknowledging the reasons why the goals fizzled last year will help when setting ones this year.  Here’s some of the top reasons goals fizzle.

  1. Setting too many goals all at once
  2. The goals you set are not yours but more often someone else’s idea of a good goal
  3. Not acknowledging your priorities, at any given time you should only have 2-3 in your life
  4. Choose wisely and get real! If you are honest about what is really important in your life, to you, right this moment you will have a better chance of setting wise goals.
  5. Absence of a good environment. You need to have a space to focus on your new goals making sure you are staying on track as well as reminding yourself why you set the goal.
  6. Lack of passion and strong conviction. If you are not passionate about your goal it will fizzle as you will be able to easily find an excuse not to complete it.
  7. Ignoring adjustment needs. If your goal is going great – reward yourself! If it is not be brutally honest with yourself as to why not? It might not be the right goal for the time in your life – that is okay so be honest with yourself. Readjust your goal and keep moving forward.
  8. Lack of actionable steps. Saying, “I want to lose weight”, joining a gym but not creating a plan of attack for your weight loss goals will open you up to distractions.
  9. Self-Accountability – hardly ever works. You need to have a support system. Grab a buddy and make a pact to not let each other off lightly when goals are not met.
  10. Non-existent deadlines. If you set a goal, write it down, make it clear what you need to do to accomplish it – do not forget to set deadlines for each actionable step and give yourself rewards when they are met!

In all things make sure your goals are actual goals and not just descriptions of the symptoms or the outcomes of problems in your life.  Meaning: For change to occur we must first endeavor to change ourselves.  There’s an old saying: “You do not get what you want in life, you get in life what you are.”  So if you want to be wealthy, thinner, in a better relationship, or happier in 2015 you need to set goals that face that need starting at the root of the problem.

For more help with setting achievable goals and/joining accountability teams – we would love to hear from you!


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