Positively Positive…

only good newsSometimes easier to say ten times fast than it is to actually try and be positively positive.  We are surrounded by falsities which also make this an attitude that is difficult to maintain.  It is make no mistake a skill and one that requires constant dedication to maintain.

Being positively positive might sound pretentious but it is in fact an element that is required if you are wanting to maintain a healthy mind and body.  I am not talking about the person that plasters on a fake smile and tries to maintain an air of positive perfection.  But, the person that chooses to see the positive in all things before the negative.  This is a tremendously rare skill because by nature we are a suspicious and untrusting people.  Think about when someone comments to you saying perhaps, ‘Wow, that went better than I expected”.  Did you take it to mean they didn’t think you had it in you to pull it off? Or to mean that they normally set their standards low and were pleasantly surprised at the value they received?

Being able to take everything at face value with a positive twist is not standard human nature.  We usually attempt to read between the lines, causing us to jump to false conclusions. Why do we do this?  For some the reason ‘why’ might seem to be common sense.  But until you take a few steps back and look at our habits from a different angle you might not see the obvious which is we choose this route first as a means of protection.  We set up barriers and think up worst case scenarios so that when it happens we are prepared. But, in doing this we are actually sabotaging our ability to have a positively positive attitude.

Hopefully by now you have heard about the ‘Law of Attraction’.  Like attracts like, and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts/actions, you bring onto yourself what you push out into the universe.  This is true in so many variations of the concept that I am imploring you to be more aware of your own energy and what you are adding to your environment.

My life has been greatly affected by this concept to the level that I have added to my daily routine elements to help guide this positively positive skill set I want.  It includes mindset exercises, regular positive actions and most importantly the removal of negative elements.  I literally choose not to law of attractionengage in actions that hold negative elements, to instead try to diffuse any negative situation with a positive action.

My ask today from you my valued connection is to join me in this positive endeavor, to help me with this in a wonderful sort of Positively Pay It Forward movement.   It starts with a choice, so simple a word but not so simple sometimes to make especially alone.  But together we common few can obtain uncommon wonders. Choose to be open to FIRST seeing the positive side to everything you encounter from this day forward.  Do not read between the lines more into the moment than was already there. Take people at face value, giving first impressions second chances when needed and understanding not everyone is great with their words during a impassioned moment. Listen with your heart first and be open to the beauty that is around us all the time.  Choose to let negative things pass by and smile with your whole heart – life is too short – too precious to choose anything else but the positive path.

~Positively Kristi